The Undisputed Hottest Chile Pepper on Earth

Just when you thought it was safe to tell your friends about the world’s hottest chile pepper a new record is set. Say hello to the GREAT WHITE SHARKANERO! READ MORE HEAT »


2014 Spicy Year in Reviews

It's the spicy year in reviews! This is the post that will outline where we've been, where we're going and ask the question: "Where on earth is John Scrovak?!" READ MORE HEAT »


Stop Spicy Stupidity

A disturbing trend is emerging in the world of fiery foods. Several individuals are posting spicy videos that are too extreme. It's time to Stop Spicy Stupidity. READ MORE HEAT »


The Carolina Reaper is the World’s Hottest Chile Pepper

The Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world at 1,569,383 SHU! We first told you about the Carolina Reaper aka HP22B back in November of 2011. READ MORE HEAT »

Tag: Stevie Mac’s

Stevie Mac’s Three Pepper Nectar

Review of Stevie Mac’s Three Pepper Nectar, a sauce that features the combined forces of habanero, cayenne, and jalapeno peppers.

Grudge Match! The Burning Vengeance of Pipin’ Hot Mango!

Stevie Mac’s Hot Mango has returned in the form of Pipin’ Hot Mango, sporting some wicked sideburns and looking only for revenge.

Head-to-Head Battle! Stevie Mac’s Hot Mango vs. Perfect Peach!

In the red corner, coming in at 5 fl oz, we have Stevie Mac's Perfect Peach! In the blue corner, also coming in at 5 fl oz, we have Stevie Mac's Hot Mango!

Serrano Surprise, by Stevie Mac’s

I rarely come across a good sauce made with serrano. Thankfully, Stevie Mac's, based in Seminole, FL, comes through with their Serrano Surprise sauce.

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