Basically, this is the sort of burger/sandwich a drunk person would make, assuming the drunk person could successfully multitask and manage an electric grill, an oven, a microwave, two stove burners, and a cutting board.  [...]
One thing I have to come realize in the past year or so is that I love meat that has been smoked, though I’m still on the fence about hot sauces having that smokiness. I have had some that are really memorable, and some that I’ve tried to forget. [...]
The sauce is a quite thin mixture, of a mostly dark green color, with a generous amount of black flecks throughout. When you shake up the bottle and let it settle down the edges of the bottle, it looks a fair amount like a vinaigrette dressing wou [...]
This moderately chunky sauce is a slurry of tomato bits, chile peppers and other elements, that while appearing fairly thick, has a thin base it’s binded in that allows it to be poured easily, but still maintain a thickness level that I woul [...]