The EAT MORE HEAT rating system is based on three major factors: FIRE, FLAVOR, and the Scoverall rating (which is based on the strict Scovie Awards judging standards). Let’s start with the fun one first.


The ratings are based on a 1 to 5 RED pepper scale as follows:

Then we move on to FLAVOR.

The FLAVOR ratings are based on a 1 to 5 pepper scale as well, but they’re GREEN:

Finally the Scovie + Overall = Scoverall rating!

One of the big reasons that we’ve partnered with is the number of new products out there whose inventors/concocters/chefs would like to know how they MIGHT stack up in the annual Scovie Awards.

We’ve assembled a crack panel of fiery food and barbecue connoisseurs to assess just that scenario for you.

The Scoverall rating system will be as follows:

Honorable Mention

*Disclaimer – Your Scoverall rating is only a review of the product, and does not guarantee performance in the Scovie Awards.

Let’s make something very clear about these reviews.

Anyone can make a hot sauce, dish, etc. blazing hot; but it takes talent to create a balance of FIRE and FLAVOR!

The 5 pepper and gold ratings will only go to that perfect balance so rarely achieved.

Now, let the flames begin, and EAT MORE HEAT!