Yesterday I did a cooking demo at the South Texas Biker Jam and Expo where I whipped up a couple of quick and easy hot sauce recipes. There were quite a few people that tasted the finished products and wanted the recipes. As promised, here are bot [...]
Stellar Seafood Chowder
If you need an explanation what chowder has to do with spicy food, then you need my help. A good chowder is only made better when you add a lot of hot sauce. That being said; I came across the best seafood chowder I’ve ever had the pleasure  [...]
*UPDATE #1 – 2/6/10 4:00PM*Here are links to the pictures I posted last night of the test run. I didn’t use any sauce or seasoning, and I did the test run in the oven instead of the smoker. I think it came out decent for a first attemp [...]