About David “Doc” Martin

I’ve been a consumer of spicy foods for a long time, a lot of this is probably due to being a native Southeast Texan, which puts me square in the middle of the territories for Mexican, Tex-Mex and Cajun/Creole cuisine, and so you just grow up used to people eating spicy things like salsas and crawfish, often with the attitude that the hotter the better. I always recall this time back in high school when I was challenged by a school mate once to eat the newly released Fire level sauce from Taco Bell, and I ate it all without wincing or fussing at all, at which point they challenged me to finish off four more, which I did again without issue. To my amusement they all seemed amazed by it, and I was mostly puzzled by why it was such a big deal, after all, I just figured everyone ate food at that level of piquancy. This is probably the beginning of what could be known as the ascent towards the cult of Chileheadism. Fast forward to now and I’m getting the chance to sample interesting flavor profiles and test my limits as to how hot I can go, week after week… and I like it.

My introduction to EatMoreHeat was via Twitter during the late summer of 2009 when James and I first became introduced to each other as fellow food “bloggers” (I hate that word.), both helping out an emerging national expo aimed at manly endeavors that was planning to expand to Houston and we both enjoyed each other’s topics of choice. James was a big supporter of Texas small food businesses and I was a fan of spicy food. I helped him operate his booth at said expo and then started picking up principal photography for EatMoreHeat’s show concept, SpicyRV. Several RV road trips and events later, I began writing articles for EMH to focus on the Texas and Louisiana markets, and now as part of the EMH family I’ve had the pleasure of trying some of the most interesting tasting and hottest fiery foods from across the world. I’ve also enjoyed expanding my knowledge of videography, photography and film/video production techniques used for EatMoreHeat Live!, the EatMoreHeat video reviews and SpicyRV. It’s allowed me to be introduced again to an art form that I enjoyed as a young man, but somehow had forgotten a long time ago.

You’re welcome to contact me via Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

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