The Undisputed Hottest Chile Pepper on Earth

World's Hottest Great White SharkaneroJust when you thought it was safe to tell your friends about the world’s hottest chile pepper a new record is set. However this time the record will never be broken. Yours truly, your old buddy, the HOT SAUCE BOSS™ has spent the last five years creating a hybrid chile that is so hot you will have to sign a waiver to buy the seeds. A chile that’s so dangerous that you will be required to wear hazmat gear just to pick them off the plant. Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce the hottest chile ever to dangle perilously from a plant; the GREAT WHITE SHARKANERO! That simple looking white chile you see on your right may appear harmless, but it packs a dangerous punch. The Scoville rating of the soon-to-be legendary GREAT WHITE SHARKANERO AVERAGES a whopping 12,345,678 SHU!

That’s right, you read that right. Sorry Ed Currie, but this monstrosity makes the Carolina Reaper feel like the Carolina Weeper. This abomination makes HP56 Death Strain feel like HP1 Baby’s Breath Strain. Now you’re probably saying to yourself “That’s not possible! There’s no way a chile is that hot!”. If you think like a normal person you would be right. Fortunately for you I’m not a normal person. I knew there was only one way a chile could be the hottest for all of eternity; pure capsaicin.

Pure capsaicin crystal teeth make the Great White Sharkanero the hottest chile pepper ever.

Pure capsaicin crystal teeth make the Great White Sharkanero the hottest chile pepper ever.

The GREAT WHITE SHARKANERO is the first chile ever with a pure capsaicin bite! I used a giant white habanero and added the crystals with a Space Age Crystal Growing Kit to grow pure capsaicin crystal teeth inside the chile! As you can see in the picture above those capsaicin crystal teeth are no joke, and it makes the inside of the chile look like a Great White Shark!

Unfortunately the record isn’t official YET. The SHARKANERO still needs to get Guinness to review and certify the findings, but everything should be finalized by year-end. When the record is officially set, then you will be able to buy the seeds, plants and fresh chiles. Until then, just admire the evil beauty of this painful pepper.

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  • 2015 Apr 01 / 15:37

    Watch for Hot Sauce, Salsa and BBQ Sauce made with this beast from CaJohns Fiery Foods and distributed exclusively by iBurn! It will eat your lunch!!!

  • Jeffrey Griddine 2015 Apr 01 / 16:04


  • Hot Sauce Boss 2015 Apr 01 / 16:07

    Everything will be available through

  • Grill Master Chuck 2015 Apr 01 / 16:12

    Can’t wait. Hopefully it’ll be in one of our new hot sauce that’s in development. We only use real peppers and NOT extract oils so I’m excited!

  • Joe 2015 Apr 01 / 16:17

    I want a video of Ian Ziering eating one!

  • boriskorechnev 2015 Apr 01 / 17:47

    I heard it will be available Feb. 30, 2016.

  • Chris Zitani 2015 Apr 01 / 18:10

    Is this for real? If so I’m looking forward to trying, and growing these killer chilies!

  • Grill Master Chuck 2015 Apr 01 / 18:15

    Actually it’ll go great with my morning cup of joe. I can see the blockbuster movie trailer now….. Sharknado Decaf attack

  • Dusseldorf 2015 Apr 01 / 21:43

    I have a few seeds. $30 for 5 seeds. Free seed baggie with every order.

  • drpreacherman 2015 Apr 01 / 22:20

    I will certainly be one to buy seeds and pods. I might even bite the shark before it bites me hahahahaha infused peppers nice concept.

  • Brent 2015 Apr 01 / 23:59

    Yeah, April Fools. I’m surprised no one else has commented on that. Well done, a lot of pepper humor here.

  • Ted Martin 2015 Apr 02 / 09:24

    this is a hoaks

  • Hot Sauce Boss 2015 Apr 02 / 09:29

    No, it’s a hoax.

  • Hot Sauce Boss 2015 Apr 02 / 09:30

    With jokes.

  • Paul 2015 Apr 02 / 10:31

    I would prefer not to

  • Michelle Lyles 2015 Apr 02 / 17:37

    When I saw this today (4/2/15), I was wondering if this was real, since yesterday was April Fool’s Day. I’m SO glad I was completely aware, so no pranks got pulled on me. I pretty much stopped doing pranks/jokes, 21 yrs ago. My second oldest child was born, on one of the three days, I DIDN’T want………yes, that’s right, he was born on April Fool’s Day. No, it’s not a joke either………we had a hell of a time convincing family, we were serious. Luckily, he’s got the personality to have a bday, like this.

  • Norfolk Chilli Farm 2015 Apr 03 / 09:07

    Nasty looking… Does it keep growing new teeth after it bites? 😉

  • cleyton santos 2015 Apr 04 / 06:53

    FOr sales?

  • Joe 2015 Apr 07 / 10:51

    I want some seeds for this plant

  • denise 2015 Apr 18 / 06:57


  • Tonho 2015 Jun 29 / 16:52

    Its true or not true ? Because the date of postage is 1 April, day of lie…

  • Jake 2015 Oct 26 / 20:33

    I think this is a hoax. they said you have to where a hazmat suit too pick them which is also probably a lie because I handle pure capsaicin with just gloves. And capsaicin is 16,000,000 SHU and the “pepper” is only a little over 12,200,00 SHU

  • Jake 2015 Oct 26 / 20:34

    Who agrees with me

  • William Gowan 2016 Apr 01 / 14:19

    Happy April Fools Day You Puke My New Cross The Fake Punks Ass In The Ass 1,007,500,000 Scoville Units In Your Ass Is Hotter….

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