2014 Spicy Year in Reviews

Spicy Year In Reviews 2014Ladies, gentlemen and chileheads everywhere! Lend me your beer!
It’s New Year’s Eve, and this site must finish 2014 on a high note!
It’s the spicy year in reviews! This is the post that will outline where we’ve been, where we’re going and ask the question:
“Where on earth is John Scrovak?!”
Most importantly, this post will announce the EMH reviewers’ picks for Product of the Year 2014! Let’s start with a summary of the past year…


This year was a strange year for EatMoreHeat.com (aka EMH). If you haven’t been paying attention for the last 15 months, then it will be news to you that I opened a hot sauce shop in my hometown of Houston. Opening iBurn® has been one of the most amazing, and most difficult journeys I’ve ever taken. It has allowed me to sample more products (2,000+ and counting) than I ever could have imagined when I launched this site 5 years ago, but iBurn® is also an epic time-suck. Which explains why there has been minimal new content from me in the last 12 months. Fortunately I have badass reviewers like Bat Brian and Anthony that have kept the site on life support during my absence. I would mention Scrovak, but he has been AWOL since late 2013 when he failed to deliver on his dip contest. (We’ll talk more about John later in the post.) Now that we’ve established that 2014 sucked for EMH we can move on to bigger and better news!
Like the 2014 PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR, and all the great news about 2015!

EAT MORE HEAT! 2014 Products of the Year

This year I decided that all our reviewers should pick their favorite product of 2014. No long description, no fancy pairings, just our favorites.
Note: These picks represent our favorite products that we tried for the first time in 2014 not necessarily a new product for 2014, and yes, all the picks are available at iBurn®. We gotta pay for 2015 somehow! (That section is next.)

Anthony‘s 2014 Product of the Year

Foo Foo Mama Choo Hot SauceHigh River Sauces – Foo Foo Mama Choo

Brian‘s 2014 Product of the Year

Mom and Me Pepper SauceMom & Me Premium Italian Pepper Sauce

HOT SAUCE BOSS­™ (That’s me.) 2014 Product of the Year!

Volcanic Peppers Reaper RanchVolcanic Peppers LAVA Red Reaper Ranch

Pedro‘s 2014 Product of the Year

AlbuKirky Green Chile RubAlbuKirky Green Chile Rub

Our new reviewer for 2015!

Sam‘s 2014 Product of the Year

Born to Hula Reaper of Sorrow Hot SauceBorn To Hula Reaper of Sorrow Hot Sauce

AND last but not least!

Amy‘s 2014 Product of the Year

Race City Sauce Works The Coming Hot SauceRace City Sauce Works The Coming Reaper Sauce

Congratulations to all the manufacturers! Obviously 2014 is the year of the reaper on this site!


Now let’s talk about the exciting plans for 2015! The most exciting news that I can share now is that WE’RE BRINGING BACK THE LIVE SHOW! Many of you have asked for EAT MORE HEAT! Live to return since Stickam shut down in 2013. It has taken a while to figure out, but it looks like we will be returning via YouTube Live Events.

Which bring me to the next issue we will be facing in 2015. Where in the hell is Scrovak? We can’t bring back the live show unless he’s there to co-host. He has been of the grid for over a year and I was starting to wonder if he died, but then he posted a random status on his Facebook yesterday. According to Google translate the message says “James will tell the computer need juarez!”, which means nothing, but John is dumb so I figured I would break it down. The spanish word “Dirá” by itself can mean “Tell”, so “Tell James”. The word “necesito” means “I need”, so “Tell James I need”. The words “el equipo” can mean “the equipment”, so now it’s “Tell James I need the equipment” and the last part means “in Juarez”. If John is in Juarez, Mexico, then he needs a helluva lot more than equipment. That place is scary. Anyway, if we can find John, then we can bring back the show. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel because I will be posting video updates on there about the quest to find Scrovak.

The other big announcement is that we’re redesigning the site! Starting on April 1, 2015 we will re-launch the site with a brand new design! Don’t believe me? Check it out!

More announcements will follow in the next few weeks, so make sure to stay connected to our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for all the details!



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