Owem G. Willikers – Spiced Pumpkin White Chocolate Cream Formula

Owem G. Willikers – Spiced Pumpkin White Chocolate Cream Formula September brings much joy to my life: football season is upon us, and fall is just around the corner! Then I remember that it’s actually already October, and everyone is going to go pumpkin crazy. From pumpkin lattes to pumpkin cookies to pumpkin-scented bathroom spray, it’s everywhere this time of year. Personally I have never been a big fan and haven’t understood the crazy obsession with all things pumpkin, but seems to be everywhere these days. I just don’t get it, but maybe the latest from Race City Sauce Works Owem G. Willikers label will change my mind.


Pure Cane Sugar, Water, Organic Cocoa Butter, Roasted Pumpkin, Vanilla, Bhut Jolokia Powder, Rum Essence



This smells amazing! I get a little of the pumpkin, and definitely some vanilla! Like the other Owem labels before this one, this also has a thin consistency, but that’s to be expected with a chocolate sauce. Trying this by itself was frankly an O.M.G. moment that I didn’t see coming. This has a pumpkin flavor, obviously, but for someone that is not crazy about pumpkin like myself it’s perfect. It’s not overpowering at all. Heat is there, but not strong, so don’t be afraid of the ghost powder. It’s not going to blow you up. As far as suggested uses: ice cream, hot chocolate, pretzels, really anything you would use chocolate on will send it off the charts. On the side of the label I did notice one suggestion is roasted turkey. It may sound strange but I am willing to try it! The one thing I don’t recommend this in is coffee. It was a what-the-hell-I’ll-try-it thought. It wasn’t awful by any means but didn’t taste right. The heat showed up a little more in the coffee though. Overall I actually think this is one is on par with the Salted Caramel that they offer. This is another outstanding product in this line! I give it a Medium for Heat and a Notable for Flavor.


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