Ghost BlueberryOutside of the occasional blueberry pancake or muffin I don’t go out of my way to eat anything, much less try something new, with blueberries in them. Yes, I am very aware that many sauces, one being in my top 5, have blueberries in them; I just have a hard time thinking that they able to shine as a star in a hot sauce. If it weren’t for the simple fact I loved Bravado Spice Co other two sauces so much I wouldn’t have given this one a second look. Let’s find out if this one is as good as the others!


Blueberry, Raspberry, Distilled Vinegar, Ghost Pepper Mash (Ghost pepper, Vinegar, Salt), Ground Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum



When I opened the bottle I got a sharp, tart aroma from the raspberries and a slight vinegar smell. It has a fairly thin consistency, but one thing for sure, the blueberries and raspberries give it a hell of a color! Upon the first taste I get that tartness, a little sweet, some heat that builds to a fair amount, and in the background I taste pops of the pepper and salt. This is the profile that I fell in love with in the other two sauces from Bravado Spice Co: balanced, while letting the main ingredients shine. Everything I have tried this sauce on has worked out really well! A friend of mine made some homemade blueberry cookies and it was a fantastic combo! I have also tried this on cake, ice cream, and, thanks to Bravado Spice Co Instagram page, I tried this on wings…that was definitely the most surprising. I noticed on their website that they have a BBQ sauce recipe using this and that, my friends, is next on my list. With all the foods I tried it on, both the blueberry and raspberry shined brightly and held up the flavor profile. The heat without a doubt is represented well, as the more I get into the bottle the hotter it seems to get. I am very happy that this sauce hasn’t turned out to be a one trick pony, if you will. If you haven’t tried any of their sauces yet I highly recommend all of them! They are well on their way to great things! Flavor I will go Nice and Heat a very strong Mean.


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