Seven Pepper Sriracha, by Race City Sauce WorksThis should come as no surprise, but I love sriracha. Most of my experience has come from the Huy Fong rooster sauce, of course, but I did once make my own version of the stuff. Anyway, tonight’s product is one that looks to be far deadlier than your average bottle of Thai-themed sauce. From the good people at Race City Sauce Works, I bring you the Seven Pepper Sriracha.



Thai Chile, Bhut Jolokia Chile, 7 Pot Chile, Distilled Vinegar, Garlic, Fatali Chile, Scotch Bonnet Chile, Yellow 7 Pot Chile, Chocolate Habanero Chile, Lemongrass, Shallots, Galangal, Shrimp Paste (shrimp, salt), Spices, Kafir Lime Zest, White Pepper

Yep, that makes seven (the white pepper at the end doesn’t count). I would be upset if this product didn’t live up to the promise of its name. As I’m not intimately familiar with Thai cuisine, I had to look up exactly what galangal is (it’s a cousin of ginger, though much more potent). I’m also not sure why this stuff needs shrimp paste, but I guess I’ll let that slide (shellfish allergies beware, though).


Compared to your average sriracha, this one is a bit more orange. Otherwise, there’s nothing here to suggest that you’re about to eat something capable of killing a small elephant (unless you read the ingredients, of course).

Smell and Taste:

Okay, let me say that I LOVE the way this sauce smells. The mix of garlic and pepper is what really gets me, and it’s why I love sriracha sauces so much. It’s the same here, though the pepper smell is much, much more powerful. The initial taste is actually a lot like the sriracha you probably already know!



That is, for a split second. The garlic flavor quickly takes a backseat to the peppers, and suddenly you’re in an entirely different world: a world of pain. Race City Sauce Works is not messing around here. The level of heat far outstrips any other sriracha product I’ve had. This one is a Madness, easily. Fortunately, beneath all that killer spice is a fantastic flavor. The seven peppers in this sauce blend together perfectly to create an experience that is both painful and pleasurable. I’m giving it a Notable.

Suggested Uses:

Asian-style food is, of course, appropriate. I’m about to eat this on an eggroll, and dangerous levels of heat aside, I know it’ll be wonderful. If I had some cream cheese wontons, that would be perfect. Honestly, I may just take this with me the next time I go to a Chinese buffet and use it instead of the Huy Fong stuff.

Final Word:

Try this product if you’ve ever thought that rooster sauce was just weaksauce.


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