Salsa Roja by La Familia Salsa Company LLCWhoa. By my count, it’s been over half a year since the last Salsa Sunday feature. I’ve been reasonably faithful with Fiery Friday, but far less so with this column. Well, that ends now… at least for the summer. See, Sundays are typically my “grade and get everything together for the week” days, meaning I don’t usually leave myself time to review. Anyway, let’s get back on track with a product that’s practically made in my backyard! I’m looking at Salsa Roja by La Familia Salsa Company, a brand operating out of Rockport, Texas.


Tomatoes, Onion, Cilantro, Peppers, Garlic, Vinegar, Lime Juice, Salt

No surprises here! If you ever needed a basic recipe for red salsa, this is essentially it. For salsa, less is more, and usually leads to a fresher-tasting product.


This is a salsa, all right. It’s red, has little bits of onion and peppers in it, and comes in a jar. The only noteworthy thing in terms of this product’s appearance is that it’s thinner than average, making it a bit harder to scoop.

Smell and Taste:

I love the garden-fresh scent coming from this jar. It isn’t just the tomatoes, either; the cilantro is a nice touch here, and the other veggies play their roles as well. What you get upon tasting this salsa is an incredibly well-balanced flavor. A salsa with too much focus on the tomatoes tastes like ketchup, and a salsa that lacks the tomato flavor just tastes… weird. Salsa Roja falls into neither of those pitfalls.



While there is a bit of heat to this salsa, I doubt most people would have much trouble eating it. My wife isn’t exactly the world’s most diehard chilehead, and she’s emptied more of this jar than I have! There’s enough heat here to qualify it as a Medium, but nothing more than that. To go along with that moderate heat is a fantastically fresh flavor. This is like the Nirvana of salsa, where everything just comes together in perfect harmony. Notable, indeed. No surprise, considering this salsa also won a 2nd place Scovie Award in 2013.

Suggested Uses:

Considering this is a standard salsa (in terms of composition, at least), you can use this for anything you would normally do with salsa. Just be careful with this stuff’s thinness, because it’s very easy to over-pour. Then you’d be left with a lot of salsa on your food, and who wants that?

Final Word:

On an unrelated note, Happy Father’s Day from EAT MORE HEAT!


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