Red Robot Thick N SpicyI like thick ones. Hot sauces, that is. Thin runny sauces just get everywhere, and they often just fall right off the food that I’m trying to bathe in spicy goodness. Red Robot understands that problem, and they have created a Thick N Spicy version of their sauce to satiate the need for thicker sauce. My review of Red Robot’s original hot sauce was nothing but praise, so I have high hopes for this iteration!



Whole Roasted Peppers, Vinegar, Onions, Sea Salt, Cilantro, Garlic, Xanthan Gum/p>

There is literally no difference in the list of ingredients between the original Red Robot sauce and this Thick N Spicy version. The difference, then, must lie in the concentrations, or perhaps the specific types of peppers used, since neither product actually goes into the details.


It’s pretty much identical to the other sauce, albeit a little thicker. Otherwise, there’s nothing new to look at here.

Smell and Taste:

Once again, the fire-roasted peppers hit first, but it seems like the garlic plays a bit of a stronger role in this one than it did in the original. Maybe that’s just me. The original sauce does not have a problem in the boldness department, but this one seems to one-up it slightly, such that the pepper flavor is a bit more prominent.



Everything that works so well for the original sauce does so here. There’s no denying that Red Robot’s All Natural Thick N Spicy is a great sauce. I can’t really rate it any spicier than the original, though, because it simply isn’t. I was expecting something more, I guess. Still, a Medium is nothing to scoff at, and keeps this sauce within the range of accessibility for novice chileheads. It’s worth it, too, because this is a Notably delicious sauce.

Suggested Uses:


Final Word:

My only issue with this sauce is that it seems unnecessary, because it is really almost indistinguishable from its sister sauce. It’s delicious and totally worth buying, but not if you already have a bottle of the regular Red Robot. You really only need one or the other. Now, if the good folks at Red Robot ever come out with a flavor that is truly different, perhaps one with a different pepper base or combination of ingredients, I will gladly jump at the chance to be the first person to try it. I am a loyal soldier of the Red Robot army for now. Just don’t disappoint me, please!


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  • Brian Meagher 2014 Apr 19 / 18:26

    Sounds like a pleasant sauce. “Roasted peppers” is pretty generic in description, but sounds better than just “peppers”. 🙂

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