Money to BurnAnd here you thought I was dead.  You should be so lucky!  I’m sure y’all have noted a distinct lack of my presence, and for that I apologize.  There has been, to say the very least, a lot of shit going on.  Without getting into the details, one of the biggest issues was computer-related.  Yeah, this guy with computer problems.  Don’t even get me started.  That’s why there haven’t been any recent reviews, posts on Facebook, or anything of the sort – lack of access.  As you know, us reviewers don’t get paid, so I’m pretty poor.  After discussing the issue with James, he authorized me to go ahead and see a local tech support place, and to expense it.  I live in Delaware and have a Toughbook.  The local place I went to is, I shit you not, called Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff Inc.  They specialize in toughbooks, used by police, military, and super secret spy places like I work at.  They managed to get my issues solved right away.  While haggling over the cost and following a successful weekend at the horse track, James had an idea.

We tapped into the Eat More Heat coffers, filled with revenue from all the ads on our site and from the kickbacks we receive from maufacturers for good reviews.  Since computer issues tend to plague both Eat More Heat and iBurn, and iBurn has heralded enough success to warrant an East Coast base of operations, the decision was made to acquire Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff.

What does this mean for you?

Here are the changes, for those reading this: the existing owners of Bob Johnson’s Computer Stuff will be retained at a lowered salary.  BJCS will stop the sale of computers and client procurement.  Eat More Heat and iBurn will receive exclusive use of services in all tech support endeavors.  Additionally, Bob Johnson’s will now serve as iBurn’s East Coast distribution center, allowing more expedient delivery of product at a discounted rate.  The full transition should be completed within a month.  Customers should begin to see discounts as soon April 10th.  The most important change: yours truly will never be tragically severed from his audience by poor connection or computer issues again.

Read the announcement from Bob Johnson himself.


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