Lethal IngestionI have come to the conclusion, over the last several years, that the smaller the (hot sauce) bottle, the more pain it contains.  Lethal Ingestion is going to fit this description. I admit I have had a bottle of this before, but it has been around six or seven years. I only remember sitting in front of the Copper Penny restaurant here in Wilmington, opening the bottle, trying some and saying “That’s really freaking hot!”  That’s about when my wife looked at me like I had some screws loose.

She might have been on to something, but I will always feel slightly honored to have the privilege of reviewing any CaJohn products. This company introduced me to the flavor with fire concept back when I was just chasing after the hottest item I could eat. I am very interested to see how my taste may have changed, if at all, over past six years or so with this sauce.


Fatalli Chilies, Red Savina Chilies, Bhut Jolokia Chiles and Vinegar



I am not sure I truly understand why the Fatali chilies never caught on, but I feel they are still over looked. I guess the smell of pure heat with a touch of vinegar will surprise no one here. The smell of the Fatali is dominant along with the vinegar. If you have never tried the Fatali,  for me it has a very unique smell and taste. Once you have had that flavor, it and smell will always standout.  It’s amazing to me that all the flavors of the chilies in the ingredients follow in the taste and heat. One thing that has definitely changed for me is that, although still very hot, it no longer feels like someone took a branding iron to my tongue. I’d say that’s due to my built up tolerance. You would definitely want to use this sauce like you do his puree line if you have tried them. If not, use with some caution. This sauce may not have the punch it once did for me or as hot as some of  the Scorpion or Reaper products currently on the market, but make no bones about it, it’s still a donkey kick to the throat. Mix it in with other hot sauces, wings sauces, soups, chili, ketchup, etc. The number of ways you can use this product is frankly endless. This is still has an amazing flavor, but you better love the straight taste of chilies to truly appreciate Lethal Ingestion. Trying this again brought back memories of why I love CaJohn products so much. What the ingredients says is what you taste.  Heat is Madness and Flavor is Notable


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