SilverLeaf Scorpion SalsaI will be the first to admit that I am not the world’s biggest salsa fan. I have tried many salsas on the market and even did a review on one a while ago, so after all this time of searching and trying countless salsas on the market I finally feel extremely confident with what I am looking for in a salsa. With that said, I am truly looking forward to giving this one a shot, even more so than usual since this will be my first time having a scorpion salsa. Silverleaf might have thrown me for a bit of a loop with their products that I’ve reviewed in the past, but not this time, so let’s get to it!


Fresh Roasted Tomatoes, Onions, Apple Cider Vinegar, Fresh Diced Garlic Cloves, Water, Lemon Juice, Fresh Cilantro, Fresh Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Peppers, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Black pepper, Chili Powder, Glucono Delta-Lactone (Natural Acidifer)



When I open the jar I’m immediately hit with a variety of scents; right away I pick up garlic, cilantro, tomatoes, onions, and vinegar. This is exactly what I want a salsa to smell like: fresh and vibrant!  Man, I can’t wait to dig in. The truly fresh flavors of this salsa continue to shine when I take my first bite. I taste everything that I smelled when I opened the jar, along with some acidity.  The lemon juice and vinegar quickly faded after giving that acidic bite, then the heat took its place and started to tingle a little. After scooping three chips, the heat caught up to me big time; this is a very deceptive salsa! I took a little of it to work with me and had a couple of co-workers give this is a shot, they had the same reaction that I did. I placed an order with iBurn shortly after that because 3 of them wanted their own jars. This is simply one of the best freshest and hottest I have tried, and I can’t stress enough how picky I am about salsa. On that note, if you’re not a huge garlic fan then this salsa might not be for you. The garlic is prominent the entire time you eat it. The advertisement of fresh is clearly what makes this salsa shine and is exactly what I’ll look for in the future! Heat Madness and Flavor Notable!


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