Prickly Pear Hot SauceI love fruity stuff, at least when it comes to food and drinks. That’s true when it comes to fruit-flavored hot sauces as well. Of course, there are some safe bets; mango, lime, and peach seem to be popular choices for sauces and salsas. But what about the majestic prickly pear? Found on the paddle cactus (or nopales for you Spanish speakers), this spiky fruit isn’t exactly a mainstay in the business. That’s why it’s so interesting that the people Big Red’s Hot Sauce have created just such a product, dubbed Sneaky Pete’s Prickly Pear Hot Sauce. I’m pretty excited for this one!


Water, Habanero Pepper, Prickly Pear Syrup, Carrots, Tomato Paste, Brown Sugar, Lemon Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Rosemary Powder

Other than the phrase “Sweet and Spicy” on the label of the bottle, there’s nothing to suggest that this is meant to be a powerful sauce. That is, until you realize that habaneros occupy the second slot in the ingredients list. That makes this more of a prickly pear-flavored habanero sauce, and I’m totally fine with that.


Aside from being a bit darker than your typical sauce, this one looks like most other pepper products. I love seeing bright orange hues in habanero-themed sauces, but this one doesn’t go in that direction. Very Sneaky, Pete.

Smell and Taste:

I smell those habaneros! The fruity smell of the orange peppers is the first thing that hits, followed by the sweet smell of syrup and brown sugar. This is an appetizing blend that is fully supported by the flavor, which features a great balance between sweet and heat.



Despite featuring habanero peppers as the second ingredient, this sauce isn’t all that spicy. The heat level should be a manageable Medium for most people out there. And don’t be put off by the prickly pear idea, either. I’ve never bitten into an actual prickly pear (although I think I’ve seen them for sale at HEB…), but I can honestly say that the ingredients in this sauce blend together extremely well into one delicious sauce. This may not appeal to those of you who don’t like sweet heat, but for the rest of us, Sneaky Pete’s Prickly Pear Sauce is a Notable.

Suggested Uses:

The fruit flavor in this sauce isn’t so overwhelming as to limit its utility, meaning you can really just treat this as a sweeter version of a normal hot sauce. Chicken is an obvious choice, but I bet it would also go well on shrimp. I really want to try it on some pork or beef as well.

Final Word:

This sauce makes me happy. Oh, and speaking of happy, if you’re reading this on March 28, be sure to wish our glorious leader James Wreck a happy birthday!


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