A&B American Style Pepper SauceIf I had to describe my preference for hot sauce in one word, it would be “freshness.” I love hot sauces that taste like they were made right in front of me. Sure, I’ll eat those store-bought sauces packed full of preservatives when I need to, but working in this industry has really spoiled me. I’m always happy to see a company that takes pride in using only natural ingredients, rather than relying on weird chemical things to bolster the flavor and shelf-life of the product. A&B American Style is one of those companies that makes me happy. With their small-batch process, they are able to focus on bringing only the freshest hot sauce to your home, which is definitely something I can get behind.


White Vinegar, Red Chili Pepper, Carrot, Onion, Habanero Pepper, Salt

See that? That’s a list of only six ingredients. Sure, the first one is vinegar, but this isn’t your average vinegar-based sauce.


In fact, A&B’s Pepper Sauce is surprisingly thick, far more so than the standard vinegar-and-cayenne sauce. Shaking is definitely a necessity here, as the ingredients will separate, but the end result is a product that pours and coats more like a spaghetti sauce than a run-of-the-mill hot sauce. I also really dig the old-fashioned, rather minimalist design the bottle and label have. When your product is delicious, you don’t need any fancy cartoon characters or hyped-up slogans.

Smell and Taste:

I must note here that this sauce does not smell like vinegar, despite having vinegar as its first ingredient. Rather, the pepper smell is strong with this one, which is both pleasant and tantalizing. It also tastes very fresh, living up to my expectations. The pepper flavor is the most prominent, making this sauce more like a pepper mash than a standard sauce product.



Holy crap, this is good. A&B’s Pepper Sauce may not be for everyone, because it is definitely on the Mean side, but anyone who can handle the heat should definitely give this a shot. If you want a strong pepper flavor without the additives getting in the way, you need to pick up a bottle of this very Notable sauce.

Suggested Uses:

Consider this a table sauce for the chilehead. The basic recipe here gives this sauce a lot of versatility, and it could work well on practically anything. You could use it as a steak sauce, pour it over some potatoes, or even make some chicken wings. You pick!

Final Word:

This is definitely one of those sauces that I’m going to tear through very quickly, and that thought actually makes me a little sad. Why can’t you be bigger, bottle?


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