Feisty Parrot – Savage Beast Ghost and Scorpion Hot SauceFor those who don’t already know I have seafood allergies, which means that every time I get bottles to review, or buy, I have to read the ingredients carefully before I try it; this means I’ve also come to expect certain ingredients on the labels.  So when I saw that the third ingredient was celery I thought to myself, “That seems like a very strange ingredient to have in a hot sauce.”  When I actually looked at the label itself I saw that it includes both ghosts and scorpions, so maybe the celery flavor and smell won’t be too strong…I hope…


Ingredients –Carrot, Papaya, Celery, Onion, Apple Juice, Cider Vinegar, Lime Juice, Water, Tequila, Ghost Pepper, Garlic, Trinidad Scorpion, Salt, Spices, Xanthan Gum



When I opened the bottle and I could smell onion, celery, some kind of sweetness (papaya maybe?), and a little heat. This is definitely a pretty thick sauce. Nice bright orange color, too. Three things stand out when I taste this by itself: Onion, Papaya, and Celery are the first things to hit. The vinegar and lime are subtle but noticeable.  The celery is definitely too strong for me. In food this worked pretty well mixed in with some veggies; didn’t work too well with wings but I was expecting more heat. Using both the ghost and scorpion I expected more. It’s hot, but by no means killer hot, just more of a “normal” heat. Not everything using these peppers should always be blazing, so this is nice in that respect. I had a friend over the other day kicking ideas back forth about this sauce because, just to be honest, I am not sure that I like this particular hot sauce. One of the ideas he suggestion was mixing this in with some ranch. I could see how this could very well together but call me un-American, that’s fine, but I hate mayo with a passion so I don’t eat ranch. With that said I don’t love this sauce but I don’t hate it either, the celery is just too overpowering. I will give this a Nominal for flavor and Mean for Heat.


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