Urban Accents Gourmet GobblerAt iBurn we have in stock Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Complete Turkey Brine and Rub Kit.  All Natural Gluten Free. This brine and rub kit is over the top!

Now lets get on with the review!


The Kit:

I wanted to depart from the typical peanut-oil-coated and seasoned roasted bird, and/or the unhealthy-but-delicious injected fried turkey meaning lets brine that bird! I took a fresh 20-pound bird plus the packaged brine and rub kit along with a foil roasting pan and some tin foil to tent the bird during roasting. The kit has a very nice heavy duty zip-lock bag to hold the biggest turkey you could ever find. Not the fowl type…ha ha.


Following the step by step directions is a breeze, and yes the folks at Urban Accents included the final 3rd step for either traditional baking, grilling, or frying your bird, which ever you choose.

1. You first start with preparing the brine. You will need to do this well ahead of time so that your brine is refrigerated when adding to the turkey in the bag. In a large stock pot, add the spiced brine mix to a quart of water bringing the mixture to a boil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. This infuses the spices with the brine. Remove from the heat and let cool. The instructions calls for adding a gallon of cold water. I cheated and added ice cubes with that gallon of water to speed things up.

2. Take the Gourmet Gobbler Brine Bag and place bag upright in your roasting pan. Might need a pair of extra hands to keep the bag open while lowering the bird into the bag breast side down. Breast side down ensures the brine soaks into all the meat of the bird. Pour the brine mix over the bird and add cold water till the bird is completely submerged. I used apples poked in around the outside of the bagged bird in the pan to take up space forcing the brine over the top of the bird instead of out into the voids of the bag. Once the bird is fully submerged, zip up the bag. To make things better, I tied up the top of the bag, twisting it once to pull in the slack before putting a rubber band around it.

3. Now slip the bird in pan into the fridge to soak up all the salty spicing goodness overnight.

4. The next morning, remove the bird and discard all liquid and the bag. Rinse the bird well with cool water and dry well inside out.

5. Place turkey in roasting pan in preparation for its rub down. Directions suggest to use olive oil but I prefer peanut oil, as it cooks at a higher temp and gives the turkey skin a nice delicious crisp. Once you have oiled down the bird, rub on the furnished spices inside and out of the turkey and up under the skin especially if you are preparing it for frying as per the furnished instructions. When choosing to oven roast your bird, you can also add dressing to the cavity, stuffing it with your favorite mixture. Cover your seasoned turkey with a nice foil tent to prevent it from over browning.

6. Place the covered turkey in a preheated oven at 325 to 375 degrees. Bake 15 to 20 minutes per pound. Remove the foil tent the last hour of cooking so to brown the bird to a golden crisp.

The Results:

This is what my turkey looks like:



Sea salt, sugar, orange peel, white peppercorns, black peppercorns, green peppercorns, pink peppercorns, sage, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves, GLUTEN FREE


Nicely packaged complete kit with easy to read instructions with simple illustrations. Includes spiced brine blend, smoky peppercorn & herb rub plus heavy duty brining bag. Following the instructions, the appearance of your bird should be deliciously outstanding!

Smell and Taste:

The brine smells great as it boils up during the prep stage. The end results was heaven! Moist tender bird with a hearty flavor and the skin cooked up to a well seasoned golden crisp, perfect for those who love the crunch of the skin! The white meat was so much better than traditional roasted turkey and the dark meat was over the top too. Of course the whole house smelt like delicious roast beast!



Suggested Uses:

Use this for a holiday Turkey, or any other time you want to cook up a nice moist and tender bird with lots of delicious flavor without a lot of fuss!

Final Word:

I will be hard-pressed to cook a bird without using Urban Accents Gourmet Gobbler Complete Turkey Brine and Rub Kit. As it says on the package “perfect, juicy turkey every time.” Enjoy! Remember to order your kit while they last at iBurn.com!


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