Heartbreaking Dawn's Storyville Cajun BlendJohn Scrovak here again for another installment of the Eat More Heat Skinny Dip and Chunky Dunkaroo!  I’m coming to you this week with a bottle of Heartbreaking Dawn’s Storyville Cajun Blend, the primary ingredient (by flavor, not by volume) in their dip.



HBD Cajun2Two tablespoons Heartbreaking Dawn’s Storyville Cajun Blend, two tablespoons mayonnaise, eight ounces (one cup) sour cream.


See all that?  Put it in a bowl and mix it up.  This is one quick, easy recipe.



To start, this is definitely a quick and easy dip to make, with a unique flavor.  This is the sort of dip I would throw together when I host a party and completely forget to pick up something to put out for people, because it uses ingredients you probably already have.  Plus the Cajun Blend, which I highly recommend.  Mixing the ingredients per the ratios provided, The dip was okay, but I like a lot of flavor with my dips, and it tasted a tad weak.  Luckily, because this recipe is so basic, it’s versatile as well.  I added an extra tablespoon to the concoction, and I managed to get it right into what I personally enjoy.  To each their own, but my personal recommendation would be to use 2.5-3 tablespoons of the Storyville Cajun Blend with your dip.  I’m going to give this dip a Mild heat rating, because there is not a lot of bite, and a Nice flavor rating.  Grab some, folks!


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