Jack Links Sriracha Beef JerkyLet me say right off the bat that this was not my original plan for today. I have some sauces that need tasting, as well as some other treats I picked up during my visit to iBurn. Still, I came across a particular product a couple of days ago that sounded too damn good to pass up. You may recall that I recently wrote a review of a Sriracha-themed fast food item, and in that review I made note of the proliferation of everyone’s favorite Rooster Sauce these days. Well, the good ol’ boys at Jack Link’s must have noticed it, too, because they’ve jumped on the bandwagon (which I imagine here is an orange Dodge Charger) to bring you a Sriracha beef jerky. Yes, that’s right: beef jerky and Sriracha, together at last. If this stuff sucks, I quit.


Beef, Water, Sugar, Salt, Less than 2%: Flavoring, Dried Sriracha Sauce ([aged cayenne peppers, vinegar, garlic, tomato powder], maltodextrin), hydrolyzed soy protein, yeast extract, citric acid, wheat, soybeans, corn syrup solids, orange juice solids, orange oil

This is honestly the first time I’ve ever looked at the ingredients in a Jack Link’s product, so I’m actually surprised to see the list as small as it is. I don’t really want to spend too long thinking about what corn syrup solids or orange juice solids are, so I’ll just move on.


This variety of Jack Link’s jerky looks like pretty much any other, although it has more of a reddish tint than its siblings. That’s pretty much the only visual indicator of the chili sauce presence here.

Smell and Taste:

In addition to the standard beefy smell, there’s a nice garlic and pepper odor to this jerky. It doesn’t smell exactly like Sriracha, but it’s pretty close, and certainly is appetizing. The beef cuts in my bag are nice and moist, with a soft texture that both tears and melts pretty easily. It’s still the beef that hits the taste buds first, but the cayenne and garlic don’t wait long at all.



I’ve had some really hot jerky, thanks primarily to our connections (haha, get it?). While Jack Link’s Sriracha Beef Jerky won’t totally wreck you, it still provides a darn good kick for something you can easily find at a corner store. It’s actually too hot for my wife, which surprised me. I’m giving it a Mean. Thankfully, this is a product that lives up to its premise. The beef, pepper, and garlic flavors blend incredibly well. It isn’t really necessary to call this a Sriracha product, as I doubt I would have immediately made that connection had it not been for the label, but certainly that’s a great marketing ploy. Nevertheless, this is a jerky that can stand on its own merits, and now tops my list for quick go-to snacks at the store. I’m giving it a Notable, and I’m sad that my bag is now empty.

Final Word:

Seriously, this was a really great find. I hope it sticks around.


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    Anything Jack’s Links is not as hot….

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