The Fourth Annual Nog Slog?

Nog Slog Deliciousness*UPDATE* – Unfortunately we have to postpone the Nog Slog until next Tuesday, November 26th. Not enough time to get everything ready. Don’t worry. Keep your nog in the fridge and it will still be good next week.

The Fourth Annual Nog Slog is scheduled for tomorrow night at 9E/6P, but I’m having serious doubts about putting all the time and effort into making it happen.

I know the die-hard heatards want it to happen, and I really want to do it, but if we only have two contestants and/or nobody watches then it’s a total waste of time. I’ve got an idea. Let’s use this post as a way to gauge interest. If you are going to watch, or want to take part, then leave a comment on this post. If we get enough comments, then I’ll start putting it together.

First things first. Let’s make sure everybody is still on board to compete. I know two-time defending champion Vegas Matt is on board, and I remember Brandi, Brian B. and Tony said they would do it. Are all of you still on board and is there anyone else? If we have at least four contestants that should be enough.

Next we need to know if anyone is going to watch. The best way to figure that out is to get everyone to sign up for Spreecast and RSVP for the broadcast. Right now there are 12 RSVPs. Not really a big crowd. If we could get that to 40 or 50 I would feel MUCH better about it. Please understand, I’m not being lazy about this. All of the studio equipment is now packed up at the iBurn offices, and we would have to set up and test EVERYTHING by tomorrow night. A monumental set of tasks to say the least. Plus I’ve never used Spreecast before, so that would be a challenge in itself.

OK, enough of the planning crap. WHO’S IN?!
(Post your comments below AFTER you RSVP for the broadcast.)



  • Dustin Bellew 2013 Nov 18 / 17:20

    I’ll be watching

  • vegasmatt702Matt 2013 Nov 18 / 17:20

    im down i got my nog ready

  • Anthony 2013 Nov 18 / 17:49

    I am still planning to watch

  • Brian Sellers 2013 Nov 18 / 17:55

    I should be there. Not participating, mind you, but watching.

  • Mr.Meathead 2013 Nov 18 / 18:14

    Of course I will be there you silly sausage.

  • Thorsby 2013 Nov 18 / 18:31

    Im always down to watch

  • Brandi Nicole Rozier 2013 Nov 18 / 20:12

    I plan on being present & competing. I’m not too sure if I’ll even beat my personal best (i think it was 3 cups) since I’ve been sick the past three weeks, but I’ll give it a shot. At least I know from experience it’s about as pleasant as throwing up can be, rofl.

  • Brandi Rozier 2013 Nov 24 / 15:05

    Update: i’m definitely going to be there. my brother (18yo) will also be present and participating.

  • salsalady 2013 Nov 25 / 19:56

    I’ll be watching! I’m going to see if ChuckBiz wants to participate.
    Since this is late getting started, maybe postpone another week or so and we can generate some buzz.

  • Joellyn Creech Cochran 2013 Nov 25 / 20:00

    I’ll be watching with Anthony 🙂

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