Is One Screw Loose Jellies Screwing Their Kickstarter Backers?

One Screw Loose JellyThe one thing I can’t stand in our fiery little industry is a shyster, and from the people I’ve talked to recently it sounds like One Screw Loose Jellies fits the mold. Back in April they launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000 to buy the necessary equipment to expand their business. In exchange for donations they promised a variety of products and/or merchandise. Long story short, the campaign funded with a total of $12,636 donated, and 6 months later I haven’t found a single backer that has received anything but excuses from One Screw Loose Foods.

Obviously there’s nothing I can do to force One Screw Loose to fulfill their obligations, but I’m happy to make the chileheads aware of the way OSL Foods does business so you can avoid giving them a dime of your money. There’s no excuse that can justify this blatant failure to deliver. They got $2,636 more than they needed. That’s more than enough cash to produce all the additional product, and pay to have it shipped. It’s not that difficult. Especially when you’re spending others’ hard-earned money. I should know. I pack and ship every one of the hundreds of orders that we’ve gotten over the last year at iBurn. Stop making excuses One Screw Loose. Make it right. Give the backers their products or refund their money.

Note: I did not invest in One Screw Loose, nor have I ever tasted any of their products. This post is my attempt to warn the public about this shady company. If they would do this publicly to their Kickstarter backers, then imagine what they might do to private investors.



  • Shawna 2013 Nov 15 / 14:29

    Wow. That’s bad Karma.

  • Aztec Emperor 2013 Nov 15 / 19:05

    The need to eat a reaper…

  • john 2013 Nov 15 / 21:12

    What goes around,,,,,,etc.

  • Buddah 2013 Nov 16 / 04:57

    There communication has been somewhat reliable delivering that they are going through some growing problems and still promise to deliver their promises to their supporters on Kickstarter. This is from October 21st –
    then just 5 days ago –

    I have full confidence that they will deliver as promised. Just not as quickly as some people anticipated.

  • sooz 2013 Nov 21 / 14:38

    Sure, they’ve posted a few updates but the updates have generally been vague or unintelligible.

  • DYund 2013 Nov 25 / 12:43

    I wonder where this confidence comes from, when from all outward evidence, OSL is not going through any growing pains of scale — their products are in local grocery stores, they are at holiday, craft, and beer fests weekend after weekend selling their jams and jellies, and yet, backers, go unrewarded. And even worse, are left with no specific communication about what’s going on.

    The people at One Screw Loose, for all intents and purposes, have made no effort to fulfill their obligations under kickstarter. They have not communicated specific details about when, or even if, rewards will ship. They make vague references to shipping problems, and have even lied about shipping. I was told my reward was shipped back in October, and I have never received it. When I asked them for tracking information, they said they had none, and when I pressed them for more information, they then made up some issue about shipping problems and broken jars. They would re-ship to me, but it’s almost December and I have yet to receive anything.

    I have tried reaching out to OSL via kickstarter, twitter, emails, and facebook to no avail. They are unresponsive, and keep making promises of shipping with no specific details, but every day more and more backers comment about not receiving their rewards.

    Under the terms of use, Kickstarter requires that project creators honor requests for refunds for backers who do not receive their reward. OSL backers have strated requesting refunds, and from what I can tell, OSL is not honoring that either.

    Because I have gotten nowhere with the company, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which, no surprise, has also gone unattended. I suggest others do the same as well. OSL took kickstater backer’s money and ran.

  • Buddah 2013 Dec 01 / 19:31

    OSL posted this on their Kickstarter update page on Nov 25th…

    Where is my Reward?

    As you know OSL has not completed the shipping of Rewards. I apologize for the extended delay. Today we are sending a few more and will continue to do so until they are completed. We have produced lots of jelly and with your help we are growing One Screw Loose. I understand that things change over time. If you have any updates or changes, please let us know and we will make sure that you get your reward. Thank you again for backing our project. Kathy

  • DYund 2013 Dec 02 / 08:57

    It looks like some backers have received their rewards in the mail this weekend, but nothing has made it’s way to me yet. We’ll see I guess.

  • Buddah 2013 Dec 07 / 22:01

    New message sent to Backers of the OSL Kickstarter…

    For backers only Posted by One Screw Loose

    “As we continue to ship rewards, all be it a few at a time, your continued patience is greatly appreciated. I offer no excuses. We are behind and rewards are well overdue. We are working to grow our business and fulfill all your rewards. With the work and your support we are finding our way in the specialty food market and will hopefully make a go of our idea. As always, our primary goal is to not only build our business. We want to reward each of our Backers with an excellent handcrafted product. Thank you once again for everything you have done to help OSL grow and someday prosper.”

  • DYund 2014 Jan 14 / 12:11

    It’s January 14th, a week after the last updated posted by OSL, which again claimed that they were shipping all remaining orders. well? Still nothing. Not even acknowledging comments and questions on facebook, twitter, or kickstarter. Backers have started to dispute their credit card charges for the kickstarter because OSL has not issued refunds, shipping product, or responded to their inquiries.

  • Buddah 2014 Jan 14 / 15:09

    DYund, I can’t say why there is a delay as I was told off the record, I will say it is a legit excuse and a very very private matter they do not wish to discuss. They will get all the orders out, mine included, so please give them more time. If you knew what it was you would totally understand. Sorry I can’t say more.

  • DYund 2014 Jan 17 / 10:27

    I believe OSL posted the private issue on their facebook wall back in December. As a daughter of a breast cancer survivor, and someone who’s had her own encounter with cervical cancer, I am sympathetic, but during both those trying times, I was still required to fulfill my obligations, both personally and professionally. All the kickstarter backers are asking for is their reward, which they already paid for, OR, in the event of a delays, and in this case severe delays, open and honest communication about the delay from OSL. No one is asking for details of their private life, just communication about what is going on with the rewards, because based on their website calendar, their facebook posts, OSL is able to fulfill on-line orders in a timely fashion, with jars arriving unbroken, and they are able to participate in local festivals and craft fairs, and they are also able to keep local stores stocked with their product. It’s frustrating for backers to continually be told that the product is ready to ship, and that they are shipping rewards, when clearly OSL is not performing those tasks, and backers nothing at their door step weeks and months and months later.

  • Bob01 2014 Nov 19 / 19:02

    As a follow up to all this it is now a year since this story was written and from the looks of the comments on Kickstarter no one has received their stuff and OSL has all but gone off the grid. if you see their stuff at a show or market kick the display over for all of the backers that gave them money in good faith and got nothing.

  • Buddah 2014 Dec 31 / 13:19

    I stood up for these thieves. I got their stuff as a gift, and now over a year later I feel like I promised something I never delivered on.

  • Scott 2015 Jan 19 / 04:10

    No Kickstarter update from One Screw Loose since March 20, 2014. Still no reward. If they had communicated I wouldn’t be so upset. Obviously, they have no conscience or care that they’ve stolen money. If I ever see them out selling stuff I will walk up to their product, pick 3 jars of their stuff and walk away…it’s not stealing if I paid already and never received what was promised.

  • Buddah 2015 Jan 20 / 13:03

    Agreed. I kept defending these thieves. I bought these as gifts and feel like a fool to promise on my end and not deliver.

  • Esta 2015 Mar 03 / 18:46

    Wow, I know them and this company has no integrity

  • Bryan 2015 Aug 13 / 11:04

    I got my two jars, but that may be because I was able to pick it up at a local farmer’s market. We carry them where I work, or more accurately we used to carry them. They’ve been silent for about a year and change. It’s unfortunate; they made really good stuff and the owner seemed to have a business plan in mind when I talked to him. I understand that things change, but the least you could do is be honest with your customers.

  • Buddah 2017 Apr 02 / 08:40

    Still waiting…

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