Hot Maple Smokey HabaneroHot Maple! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? My first thought was of some hot flap jacks drenched in spicy hot maple…whoa Nelly! Lets crack the top on this little woozy! First, though, let’s have a look at the fine print…sigh. A label as you know doesn’t always tell you what you are about to get into, and often can be deceiving.  The clear bottle this sauce is packaged in does allow you to get an idea, but the fine print sets the course for what your taste buds are about to encounter. So here we go.


Yellow Onion, Diced Tomatoes, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Habanero, Garlic, Pure Maple Syrup and Contains Less Than 2% Spice and Liquid Smoke


The color and texture is appealing and pours well like a pepper puree.

Smell and Taste:

Cracking open the cap and taking my first whiff reminded me of grilled onions on a burger. This continued on after my first, second and third taste…onion and more onion that left a twang on the tip of my tongue with a bit of a smokey taste. A few more tastes and I am still left waiting for that Hot Maple to come through which I was expecting. Instead, the caramelized onion remained overwhelmingly the taste of this sauce. The heat from the habanero is good and is this sauce’s redeeming feature.



This a great sauce for those who like onions with a little heat, but as for a hot sauce, it takes the backburner when there are already so many other good ones on the shelf.

Final Word:

I would like to see this sauce with less onion and more maple flavor as the label suggests. Again, something about the onion leaves a twangy aftertaste.


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