Stubb's Chipotle Butter Injectable MarinadeWhen I opened the box of products this time around, I was pretty excited for a couple of reasons; one was that I was just in a discussion about two weeks earlier about injecting meats. The second reason was that my wife and I have used quite a few Stubb’s products already, so seeing something familiar was nice. Some were great, some not so much, but we have never shied away from purchasing any of their products. I am not going to waste much time, so let’s get to it!



Water, Chipotle Puree, Red Chile Flakes, Spices, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Tomato Paste, Natural Butter Flavor, Sugar, Soybean Oil, Spices and Garlic.



The smell of this marinade is unreal! If you have used any Stubb’s marinades before, then nothing has changed in that department. You get a little of the vinegar, and in this case, a little butter paired with a little of the smoky heat from the chipotle.  This is slightly thicker than I expected, but still pretty thin when compared to traditional hot sauces. By itself you taste the vinegar, followed quickly by what I think is black pepper and the butter, and finally settling with the heat from the chipotle. Going back to the conversation I had about two weeks before I received this package, and since this came with an injector, I decided that revisiting injecting was necessary.  My cooking skills were not the best at that time either, which I am sure played a hand in how much trouble I had the first time. So, I took some fat pork chops and injected them, let them sit for about an hour, then grilled them. The butter flavor really showed up! The taste of the chipotle, though, was more subtle. This turned out amazing!  The salt does come through, so if you do add any salt to your meat make sure it’s light. I am glad I just put a little. My only complaint is it’s a little heavy on the salt, as with most of their other products. I feel really confident in telling you that you can inject or marinate just about any meat with this and it will turn out great! The heat is a Mild, and the flavor is Nice.


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