Rising Sun Pepper Farm Three Pepper Garlic DipWelcome, welcome, to week three of the Eat More Heat Skinny Dip and Chunky Dunkaroo!  I’m your host, John Scrovak, and today we have a dip recipe coming to us from the folks at Rising Sun Pepper Farm.  This dip utilizes their Three Pepper Garlic Hot Sauce, which was recently reviewed by Anthony here.  Let’s kick off this dip review, shall we?



Rising Sun Pepper Farm Three Pepper Garlic Dip 216oz Softened cream cheese, 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese, 1oz packet Hidden Valley Ranch mix, 1/2 cup beer, 1/2 cup Rising Sun Pepper Farm Three Pepper Garlic Hot Sauce


Combine cheese and ranch dip in a bowl, then stir in beer and hot sauce.



This dip is great in its simplicity, and its capacity for change.  This is because you can use absolutely any beer to fulfill the beer requirement for this dip, and, depending on the beer you use, it can change the flavor entirely.  You could use a pumpkin ale in the fall, for example, to give it a hint of the season.  For my purposes, I used Doggie Style Pale Ale from Flying Dog Brewery.  The dip is thick and hearty, and it’s simple and easy to make.  These are all bonuses for making something at the last minute to bring to a party.  The flavor of the hot sauce seeks to make this dip, and defiantly pronounces itself while simultaneously blending in to the creamy mixture blanketing your tongue.  While there is a level of heat present, it’s not excessive enough to warrant a medium rating so this gets a Mild heat rating, while the deliciousness give it a Notable rating.


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  • Buddah 2013 Oct 09 / 17:49

    I make that dip for any party I attend. It is out of this world, and any beer will do.

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