Cape Fear RelishIt’s coming up on a year since I started doing reviews for EMH. One of my early reviews was about a product called “Get Me A Switch” by Cottage Lane Kitchens from the Chapel Hill, NC area; home of arguably one of the most annoying fanbases you will ever run across.  I am pretty sure I am in the majority of people reading this, but when you see the word relish, at least in food context, you think of the super neon green cucumber/pickle-based gross=looking product. The color has always been very off-putting to me, but admittedly, I have eaten it once or twice, as I am sure most of you have. Living in the Cape Fear area, the name definitely stands out to me. Most of you might remember the name by the movie title. I don’t think it was filmed here in Hollywood East, though. If Cape Fear relish is anything like Get Me a Switch, then this will not be your typical relish, and I will be in for a treat!


Chile Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Sweet Onions, Sugar, Orange Juice, Pineapple, Apple Cider Vinegar and Orange Zest



One of the many things that I loved about “Get Me A Switch” was that you could see every ingredient in the jar, and this Cape Fear is no different. When you taste this by itself you get a little of everything, especially a little sweet quickly followed by a little heat. I’m taking a guess here and saying that the at least one of the chile peppers is Habanero because the heat seems to linger a bit, but it never got painful. That heat is again followed by a slightly sweet ending. The vinegar is not overpowering at all, and I have to say that this is a very balanced product by itself. This goes great on cream cheese and crackers, burgers, and hot dogs. I know those are kind of usual things to use a product like this on, but one I accidentally found was if you use a little too much lemon in hummus add some this to it and it will balance it out! This product is one of the most versatile products I have found in some time. I put this up there with a certain “chip” I discovered a few years ago. Goes well with just about anything! The heat is not unbearable but can catch up with you when you inevitably eat too much. For that reason I give Cape Fear Pepper Relish a Medium for heat and Notable for flavor.


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