Black Dog Gourmet - Habanero Hot SauceI think we have all been at a point in our hot-sauce-eating lives when we come across some product(s) that catch our eyes and we say to ourselves, or someone else, “This sauce has potential.” It’s always a let-down when you take that item home and are disappointed with the outcome. That was me a couple of weeks ago when I did the review for another Black Dog Gourmet product. That’s why I decided to take the week off and wait until I felt like I was able to give this a fair shot. I don’t get thrills from slamming sauces, and I think I am fair in my criticisms. Was that the worst sauce I have tasted? Absolutely not! I’ve tried some pretty wretched sauces before. When I picked this one up over a couple of the other choices I had, it was honestly just because it was a habanero sauce. Who doesn’t enjoy a good habanero sauce once in a while? When in doubt go habanero!


Vinegar, Habanero Peppers, Sea Salt and a Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices



The deep orange habanero color is the first thing that catches my eye.  The familiar smells of habanero and vinegar take over next. I love that fruity, citrusy smell! It has a very thin consistency, along with one of the annoying drip top things…I won’t revisit that.  Take a deep breath, move along. Damn! By itself, the vinegar punches me first, followed by salt, and the heat hits soon afterwards. I’m getting short pops of each with a lingering heat from the Habanero. I have talked a couple of times about how I am not a fan of heavy vinegar sauces, and this one fits the bill. I would normally dismiss this sauce but I can’t this time, because, if nothing else, the flavors are somewhat balanced. This worked decently on pizza and burgers, but didn’t work well on chips. Overall I like this better than the last Black Dog Product I had, but it gets the same score: Nominal for flavor and Mean for Heat.


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