Black Dog's RevengeSometimes I think my wife looks for as many spicy-related items as I do, and four eyes are better than two, so I’m okay with that. She told me Carolina Farmin’, a grocery store that prides its self on carrying local items, has a big display for Black Dog Gourmet. I think they were at this very small hot sauce show we stopped at in Raleigh back in April or May, but I didn’t try everything and don’t remember if they were one of them. I went back the next day to make sure I picked up a couple of bottles of hot sauce from them. It looks they have a ton of products on the market from infused olive oils, dipping sauces, BBQ sauces, and, of course, hot sauces. On top of all that, they hail from my old stomping grounds of Greensboro, NC, but I promise I will not hold this against them (haha). Since the anticipation is killing me, let me get to the meat of this review.


Vinegar, Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Chipotle Peppers, Sea Salt, Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices



The only thing I can smell as soon as the lid opens are the Ghost and Chipotle!  I notice that the color is a dark red and there are a lot of seeds floating within the bottle. The consistency is very thin. So far, I am expecting nothing but heat from the taste. On the first drop, I get what I expected: hit with the Chipotle, quickly followed by the Ghost heat, but with a touch a salt. Man, is this really hot and smoky by itself! On food this worked out well on fajitas; wings, on the other hand were overpowered by the smoke, and, shockingly, the heat is almost too much…Yeah, I can’t believe I am saying that either! If you are looking for a sauce that shows off what kind of heat you can get from chiles, this sauce is for you. For me it’s just not balanced enough. I wish I could taste the secret blend of herb and spices but the heat in the sauce overpowers them. In this case Black Dog got its revenge. Flavor Nominal and Heat Meltdown.


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  • Alexi 2014 Dec 12 / 06:50

    where can I buy this?

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