Slap You Silly OMGThose of who have read my reviews know that I am not the biggest fan of extract sauces. Like horseradish, it has its place, and I’ve only found a few that I have liked over the years. I am going to give Slap You Silly’s O.M.G. a fair chance. The bottle for this one is pretty cool, with a wick-like string on the top of it. To be 100% honest, I am really not looking forward to this so, let’s get to the review.



Habanero Puree (Vinegar, Salt) Habanero Powder, Capsaicin Extract, Garlic Powder, Vinegar, Water



Well…it smells a lot better than I expected; it smells like habaneros, and this is never a bad thing. I’m surprised there is not one those drip top things on this; normally I pop those off immediately (I find them annoying), but with an extract sauce I will leave them on. A pretty thin consistency was expected, but this seems to be a little thicker. This actually has a little flavor from the puree at first but then you get that extract flavor within 5 or so seconds.  As with most extract sauces, a drop will go a very, very long way. If you’re a collector, then this would be a cool bottle to add to the collection, but as far as actually eating this sauce, I don’t recommend it at all. A small percentage of you will like this sauce and that’s fine, but it’s just not for me. I don’t find this nauseating; to be honest, I have had much worse-tasting sauces. I will go Flavor Neutral and Heat Meltdown just because incinerating is not an option.


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