Peppi's SauceI get that feeling that, like the label on tonight’s product, this review is going to be a simple one. On this edition of Fiery Friday, I’m checking out a rather unassuming bottle labeled as “Peppi’s Sauce,” followed by the tagline “Always the right choice.” This nearly-bare-bones presentation (okay, so it has a cute pepper border going across the top and bottom) may not make for the most eye-catching product, but I’m going to have some faith in this one. After all, this is a small-batch product coming out of England of all places, so clearly somebody believes in this stuff. Hopefully it will measure up to the products I’m more accustomed to on this side of the pond.


Peppers, Onions, Vinegar, Water, Mustard, Salt, Sugar

Although there’s a tiny little sign that says “HOT” underneath the ingredients list, there’s nothing in the list proper that really makes it clear exactly what makes this stuff hot. My fear, despite my desire to have faith in this fledgling product, is that it will turn out to be some kind of spicy vinegar, or an average spicy mustard at best.


Speaking of that mustard, that’s pretty much what this sauce looks like. Though certainly not as thick as the typical bottle of squeezable mustard, it definitely has that same off-yellow hue that you find in the spicy stuff.

Smell and Taste:

I have to say, I’m quite surprised at how this smells. I was honestly expecting the mustard to come out on top, but it really does smell like a fresh pepper blend. I can’t put my finger on exactly what sort of peppers are in here, but there’s a definite spicy note to the aroma. The flavor is equally surprising, as it also tastes much more like the peppers than I initially expected. I came into this review anticipating a spicy mustard, but this is more like a hot sauce with a slight mustard flavor and an onion aftertaste.



What really caught me off-guard, though, was the heat. Although the ingredients list offers no real clarity, that little box that says”HOT” isn’t lying a single bit. This stuff seriously has me on fire. That may partially be because I wasn’t expecting it, but further bites don’t make the heat any lower. As hot as this stuff is, I have little choice but to give it a Madness. I’m not sure what makes it so hot, but I will say that the heat does sort of creep up, making me wonder if there’s any ghost involvement in this stuff. In terms of flavor, this one is a lot better than I expected, to be honest, and I’m digging the not-too-strong mustard flavor. I’m giving it a Nice.

Suggested Uses:

This strikes me as a great burger and hot dog sauce, to be used in place of the typical condiments. It would also be great on chicken, including in a wrap or on a salad. Get rid of the orifice reducer, though, because this stuff is way too thick to use through a tiny drip hole.

Final Word:

This is one jolly good sauce. England isn’t exactly known in the States for its cuisine, so it’s great to see something this good come out of our former overlords.


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  • ChiliBilly 2013 Aug 31 / 18:33

    Yeah! Tried it today (thanks to “Peppi” 😉 and this sauce definitely makes addicted! Nice taste of scotch bonnet and mustard. Btw: It was without a reducer 🙂 We’re already excited to see what our customers are saying…

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