KFC's Hot Shot BitesHowdy folks, John Scrovak here for another Scroturday review!  As you know, I’m a busy fella.  So busy, in fact, that you should feel honored I went so far out of my way as to stop at the drive-through on my way home from work during the week.  In doing so, and after Brian Sellers’ request, I picked up some of KFC’s new Hot Shot Bites to review.  So without further adieu, let’s get to what’s in them!



I have no idea.  Not even kidding.  I’m sure there’s probably chicken in there but, aside from promotional material, they are not even mentioned on the KFC website.  Especially not under the “Chicken” category, which is why I’m hesitant to commit to chicken being an ingredient.


Hot Shot Bite Cross-SectionThey look like chicken.  They smell like chicken.  And they appear to be a redder hue, though different shape and breading, than the original recipe Chicken Bites.  They smell like they have a hint of a kick, something along the lines of cayenne peppers.  I’m going to go with cayenne peppers, because that has generally been the go-to heat for fast food chains until recently.  Aside that, there’s not much more I can say to the appearance of these amorphous hued chicken bites.



I’m not sure what to say, here.  They managed to meet all my expectations, but I didn’t really have high expectations.  The breading, for example, is a bit too thick for my taste.  The chicken contained therein was a bit dry, though that could be a lasting effect of the dryness of the breading.  There was discernible heat present, but nothing I would refer my friends to, were they to want something hot to eat.  The best way to summarize them would be this: if you’re on the road and looking for chicken with a white-belt kick, that you could get in 3 minutes or less, KFC’s Hot Shot Bites are the bites for you.  Me, on the other hand, I give them a Neutral flavor rating and a Mild heat rating.


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