Fire DancerI am finding that reviewing rubs and/or seasonings are the most difficult for me. This could be a mental thing with me, though. I love to cook, don’t get me wrong; I do 95% of the cooking for my wife and me. Even when friends come over, I don’t want them to do much except relax. Cooking has become relaxing to me over the years, be it something simple or something complicated. That’s why I don’t understand why I have such a mental block doing the rub and seasoning reviews. With that said, my wife and I have tried many rubs/seasonings, and have found a few that we use on a regular basis. So, let’s see how Fire Dancer stands up.


Sugar, Salt, Dehydrated Onion, Jalapeno Pepper Powder, Spices including Paprika and Cheyenne pepper, Dehydrated Garlic, Toruala Yeast

Since I had no idea what toruala yeast is I looked it up. Here is an explanation from “Torula yeast, or Candida utilis, is an increasingly common flavoring additive in processed specialty foods such as chips, seasoning blends, and crackers. Because it is rich in glutamic acid, it lends a smoky, savory taste-profile to foods. As a result, Torula yeast has become a popular replacement for the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) among manufacturers marketing “all-natural” products.” I don’t think I could have said any better.



The appearance of this rub/seasoning might as well be dust. By looking at it I can’t pick out one ingredient from another, although the color does show off the paprika. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, I just prefer to be able to pick out most of the ingredients; to me it adds a simple beauty to the overall experience. Unfortunately, when I took a big ole’ whiff I accidentally snorted some. It’s not only eye watering but not smart! I am very thankful this doesn’t have something like a jolokia or worse in it. The garlic, onion, salt, and paprika really come through, no doubt.  Fire Dancer 2When accidentally snorting it what the Jalapeno and Cheyenne don’t show in color definitely shows where the fire is. When I used this as a rub on a chicken breast it was okay. Nothing stunning, but the onion and garlic shined. I did use this on fries instead of salt and seemed to be a little more balanced. Worked very well on a zucchini and squash mix that I found at a local produce stand. All in all, not a horrible product, but not an incredible product either. I found this better used as a seasoning than a rub. I think this could work well with some fish as they suggested but, for those that don’t know, I can’t eat any seafood. With that said I give this Mild for Heat and Nominal for Flavor.


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