Beyond The Shaker - Hot Habanero Premium Gourmet SaltHowdy folks! John Scrovak here with another great Scroturday review.  The sun’s out, the beer’s cold, and the shrimp just came out of the pan.  Yes, the pan.  I would have grilled them but I didn’t have any skewers, and my fiberglass arrows are brand new, so I didn’t want to melt them spearing the shrimp.  Yeah, that was a segue and a half.  Anyway, as you may recall, I did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview on Reddit a few weeks back.  After the interview, I was contacted by the folks at Beyond The Shaker, looking for my take on a product of theirs.  So, without any further adieu, I present to you the review on Beyond The Shaker’s Hot Habanero Premium Gourmet Salt.


Hawaiian Black Lava & Red Alea salts, ancho peppers, habanero peppers, mulato peppers, mulato peppers, guajillo peppers, organic carots [sic] and organic cilantro.


Beyond The Shaker - Hot Habanero Premium Gourmet SaltAside from the misspelling of ‘carrots’, this is a pretty damn fancy jar of salt, here!  It has a curve to both sides of the bottle, and an indented bottom to put the contents on a sort of pedestal.  The label is simple and tasteful, bi-tone black and red, which accents the black and red contents.  As to the contents themselves, there are large granules of salts, and even larger dried bits of peppers.  One of the serving suggestions is to rim a glass with it for a bloody mary, but I would suggest grinding it up a bit finer, because some of the components will be far too heavy to hold to the rim.  One thing that sets the appearance out are the seeds, which means the placenta of the peppers were clearly used in the making of this salt.  In theory, this guarantees heat.  But is it worth its salt?



Yes, yes it is.  Per the primary serving suggestion, I tossed some shrimp in olive oil and this salt, then threw them into a fry pan.  I did the same with thinly sliced red russet potatoes for a side dish.  When they all came off the heat, let me tell you, that was some good eatin’.  I was sweating from the piquancy of this salt.  It wasn’t a kick-you-in-the-teeth kind of heat, rather a slowly building the more you ate.  And believe me, I ate more.  All of it, actually.  The heat was there, but it was accentuated by the fancy salts in the mix.  I would go so far as to call it a robust hot seasoning.  Whether on potatoes, shrimp, or steak, anything this seasoning graces will surely impress you.  On the heat scale, I’m giving it a Medium.  It’s a high medium, but if you use it in lower concentrations than someone like myself would, you’ll definitely stay within the Medium range, while getting your flavor.  As for the flavor aspect, I couldn’t not give this a Notable rating.  This salt is delicious, visually appealing, palate-warming, and I’m going to run out soon because I can’t stop using it.  From what I understand, they are gearing up with new blends, and they’re coming out with gift sets for the holiday season.  I know what I’m putting on my Christmas list!


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