Sardines in Oil with Hot Peppers from BrunswickToday I’m continuing my quest to find a packaged seafood product that is not only tasty, but also has a decent touch of fire to it as well. Only one of the previous items so far has been worth a slight mention, based on taste, but was still fairly weak in the heat department. My next product to look at is Sardines with Hot Peppers from Brunswick, a brand line from Bumble Bee Foods. Honestly, at this point, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever find anything designed to amaze, so I’m hoping these Sardines will turn the tide in the chain of reviews.


It has been a while since the last seafood item I reviewed, so I don’t completely recall, but it seems as if the chiles are a bit higher up on the list this time around, and so maybe I’ll actually get some heat on this product. Here’s everything that is in the can: Sardines, Soybean Oil, Hot Peppers, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Calcium Chloride, Natural Flavor, Sodium Benzoate (a preservative).


The can is filled with a typical assortment of silver-skinned sardines, but a noticeable difference is the presence of full slices of green chile peppers sitting atop them, which appear to be seeded jalapeno slices. The oil in the can shows some green coloring to it, and may have taken some of the heat away from the chiles, but this time around, I can actually smell the aroma of chiles in the can. It is tough to decide if that is because of the chiles on the top, or if it is integrated throughout, but it’s quite a bit more than expected, and the chile aroma is nearly equal to the aroma of the fish.



While the primary flavor is still the sardines and some salt, the fish on its own has a touch of jalapeno flavor to it, definitely more than expected, and it complements the fish flavor more than the previous sardines did. There is a little bite to this, and while it’s still Mild, it catches you a little in the back of the throat if you get some of the chile pieces on the fork as well. This is more palatable than the previous sardines that I checked out, and they have a much milder fish taste as well. Paired with a basic cream cheese on a cracker, it makes for a pleasant snack with a little chile bite, but I am still looking for something that brings some real heat, at least in the medium territory and this is lacking in that area. This is one of the better sardines I’ve had, and the basics of some chile flavor without too much fishy flavor, mild use of salt and a light oil brings a decent product. It’s still not as interesting as the tuna I first tried, but it is palatable. I’ll give this a Nominal on flavor, and hopefully we can get something similar with a bit more heat from them in the future.


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