Spcy Mango and Mint Cilantro Chili SauceToday I have two spices from India in convenient plastic squeeze bottles by Bandar. This is an interesting pair of chili sauces with two distinctive flavors. The Spicy Mango Chili Sauce immediately reminds me of foods of India. This thick sauce is for those with an acquired taste for pungent Indian cuisine. It possesses a musky bold smell from what I attribute to the achar pickling tradition used to produce this spicy mango sauce. Thick and creamy, it stays where you put i,t but this is with a flavor I cannot easily pair with food suggestions.

The Mint Cilantro Chili Sauce is more recognizable and easily paired. With a bold spicy mint flavor it left a good after taste on my taste buds. Immediately I wanted to explore the possibilities of what I could use this tasty sauce.


Spicy Mango Chili Sauce – mango, water, salt, green chili, mixed spices (chili powder, yellow mustard, fenugreek, asafoetida), vegetable (Palmolein) oil, cilantro leaves, acetic acid and citric acid

Mint Cilantro Chili Sauce – cilantro leaves, water, green chili peppers, mint leaves, lime juice, chickpea flour, salt, cornstarch, citric acid


The Mango Sauce is with a orange-ish color with a nice thick creamy texture like ketchup. Same for the Mint Cilantro, except it is dark green in color. The squeeze bottles are easy to handle and use with their convenient flip tops.

Smell and Taste:

Spicy Mango Chili Sauce has a strong lingering pungent smell much like yellow curry. Taste requires knowing what to pair it with as it can easily over power most foods and is on the salty side. The taste is guided by the strong fragrance from the pickled mango and spices with a mild heat.

Mint Cilantro Chili Sauce has a bright bold flavor with a nice mild heat. The combination of mint and cilantro goes well together and begs to be explored on what foods to pair it with.


Spicy Mango


Mint Cilantro

What to Expect:

Spicy Mango is for those accustomed to using spices from India since it has a powerful pungent curry-like smell and flavor. Mint Cilantro is vibrant and goes well with summer dishes to which you would like to add the bold taste of mint and cilantro.

Final Word:

I highly recommend the Mint Cilantro as it doesn’t monkey around at delivering its bold flavors and mild heat. The Spicy Mango stays with you long after you consume it and carries a high salty pickled mango taste.


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