Guyank Brand Sweet-Hot SauceAaaand here’s part two of my Scroturday review of Guyank Brand products.  The second item on the list today is Guyank Brand (GYB) Sweet-Hot Pepper Sauce.  Like the jelly I tried earlier today, this is a product local to New York, and made in Brooklyn.  The owners are a couple of  great people who take a hint of Guyanese influence and kick it up a notch with some pepper sauce.  So let’s get down to business!



Habanero Peppers, Carrots, Mango, Onion, Brown Mustard, Vinegar, Salt, Filtered Water.


GYBSweetHot3The sauce appears dark orange in color, almost like a Garfield hairball but better-tasting.  I can see habanero seeds in the smooth suspension, flecked with spots of black, red, and yellow.  When I open the lid to smell, I am greeted with an unusual scent.  There are clearly habaneros dominating the sauce, but the remaining ingredients combine in a cacophony of personalities that leaves my nose satisfied with a new presence.  I definitely haven’t smelled anything quite like it before.  But enough about my nose, how does it taste?



I won’t lie, this stuff kicked me in the teeth.  Unlike the ‘Cool Hot’ jelly from earlier, the habaneros very much made their presence known.  With the essential kick-and-burn with a fairly-paced draw-down, this is a sauce that hits hard, then relents from the heat just in time for you to taste some fruity flavors.   The sweet is there, but the presence isn’t very strong, not enough to compete with the kick.  It does, however, complement it very nicely.  I don’t know if it was the habaneros or the carrots, or perhaps the mango pulp, that was textured in the sauce, but whatever it is, it distinguishes the sauce as more than a smooth sauce.  It adds personality to the texture in a way that lolls around your tongue.  And if you can keep the sauce in your mouth for more than the five seconds of initial burn, you will taste a sauce that could be used anywhere.  In the Heat department, because of the initial kick, I’m going to give this a Mean.  In the flavor department, I’m giving it a Nice.  Enjoy!


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