Guyank Brand Cool Hot Haban JellyHowdy folks, and welcome back to Scroturday.  Today will feature two Guyank Brand products.  I first ran into the good folks from Guyank Brand (GYB) at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo.  I even did an interview with them, but, until our FTP issues get worked out, no video for you!  Don’t worry; when it becomes available, I’ll link back to this posting, and post it for you all to enjoy, if for no reason other than the way ‘Sweet hot’ is said.  It’s glorious.  You’ll love it.  But for now, let’s talk jelly.  Yes, Jelly.  This iteration of review, we’re delving into Guyank Brand Cool Hot Haban Cranberry Jelly.


Fresh Cranberries, Habanero Peppers, Sugar, Water


Guyank Brand Cool Hot Haban JellyIf it says anything to the appearance of this product, I couldn’t initially tell if the bottle was opaque or clear. As it turns out, it’s a clear glass bottle filled with what looks like apple butter with a hint of red tinge.  Pulling off the lid, I could almost swear I smell cinnamon, but it’s not listed in the ingredients.  Instead, it’s the smell of cranberries mixing with a hint of habanero peppers in this thick jelly.  Time to review it, so I did what anyone with jelly would do – I put it on toast.



Guyank Brand Cool Hot Haban Jelly 3Note to self: my toaster sucks, and my bread is stale.  Not to worry, I trucked through anyway.  The sauce definitely spread as smooth as apple butter.  With the dispersion over a piece of bread, I was hoping for a hint of piquancy in the air, but I wasn’t getting any inclination of heat from the jelly.  After tasting it, the tepidity of the jelly is confirmed.  It has an overall flavor high in cranberry sweetness and flavor, but without the tart after tones typical to cranberries.  It’s a great jelly, I sure liked it, though I really didn’t get any habanero out of it.  Not only was it not spicy, I didn’t taste the habaneros more than a weak hinting, though this may be why it’s called ‘Cool Hot’.  For Heat, I’m giving it a Mild.  For Flavor, I’m giving it a Nice.  Good stuff, put it on your toast!  It could very well topple apple butter as a condiment.  Maybe.


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