Smokin PineappleIt’s Scroturday again, folks.  Today I’ll be conducting a review of two products from the Born To Hula company.  I ran into these good folks first at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and more recently at Gunther’s Gourmet Gala 2013. They seemed to have some decent product, so they gave me two bottles to review.  The first is a bottle of Smokin’ Pineapple.  Unlike my review last weekend, it’s almost midnight on Friday night and I have nothing to cook.  More importantly, this is a sauce you can apply directly to food and ingest immediately.  That said, let’s get to business!


Fresh Pineapple, Pineapple Juice, Distilled White Vinegar, Roasted Tomatoes, Chipotle Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Onion Powder, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Lime Juice.


There is an almost brick-red hue to this sauce.  Through the hue one can distinguish pulp from the background, floating in suspension.  You can also make out the odd seed or two, presumably from the chipotle peppers.  Also, note to self:  Having written reviews for the last couple years, I STILL have yet to add ‘chipotle’ to my browser’s spell checker, so it always comes up underlined.  Lazy? Sure.  Anyway, back to the hula sauce!  As anyone who’s read any of my reviews about pineapple-based or -related products knows, I used to live in Hawaii near the pineapple plantations.  Pineapples, nature’s proud warrior with a heart of gold, are always dear to mine, so I apply extra scrutiny to any product that uses pineapples.  Having said that, popping the top on this product releases a very familiar Hawaiian Style Pizza scent, wafting to my nostrils.



Smokin Pineapple3Attempting to pour some of this on my hand for sampling taught me just how thick this sauce is.  I wouldn’t go so far as to compare it to salsa, but the pineapple pulp definitely adds some serious body to this product.  Looking at the photo of my hand, that extra drop on the side is solid pineapple pulp that fell while righting the bottle.  This sauce doesn’t have much in the way of heat.  Again, I say that as a chilehead.  The only heat present comes from the chipotle peppers, which aren’t all that potent to begin with.  What they do, however, is add the smokey to the ‘Smokin’ Pineapple’ and compliment the pineapple of the ‘Smokin’ Pineapple.’


I could drink this sauce.  I started to.Smokin' Pineapple 4  Terrific quantity and texture of pineapple abound in here.  This is a pineapple sauce I approve of.  I noted the food-related recommendations for the sauce on the website, and thought of one they missed: kebabs.  Make yourself a hearty ham, bell pepper, pineapple, and tomato kebab and slather this stuff on there before throwing on the grill.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’m giving this a Mild heat rating and a Nice flavor rating.


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    Thank you for the great review! I didn’t know it was up! lol

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