bhutsauce1Get off your bhuts everyone, you have a review to read!  How you doing folks, John Scrovak here with another Scroturday review for you.  I have with me today a product from Naga Bhut Spices, their ‘Bhut Sauce’ which also goes by the name of ‘Liquid Atomic Fire‘.  I ran into these folks at the New York City Hot Sauce Expo this past April and after a few conversations, they sent me a bottle to review.  Now, having spoken with the folks involved in making this sauce, and consulting the packaging, this isn’t a sort of sauce you pile on a taco and throw down.  Granted you can, like some of us chileheads would do.  The intent for this product is unique, however.  It was designed with the intent to add heat to anything you put it on or in; pasta sauces, taco meat, eggs, dip, meats, your favorite alcohol, etc. without actually changing the flavor of the main dish.  As such, that is how I will conduct this review, having generously applied about a fifth of the bottle to my creation of a fantastic omelette.


Naga Bhut Jolokia, Sea Salt, Citrus, Fresh Vegetables, Garlic, and Onion.


This sauce is a brighter, seemingly carrot-colored sauce that quickly catches the eye.  The logo also grabs the eye, looking like a baby Jack Skellington wearing an awesome tie I want to find.  That little flamer (the skeleton seems to be on fire) stands in front of a crazy maze-looking bird of some sort, but it all comes together to grab my attention.  The sauce itself has the consistency of a triple thick shake.  It’s a wee tough to shake out, and it smells potent, so it feels as if this little bottle is actually tempting you to add more, to kick up the heat, to convert all into chileheads!

The Process:

bhutsauce2This is where I’m going to show you my breakfast of champions and what all went into it.  First, here is a pile of stuff I used to make the omelette: Cowboy Caviar (an assortment of beans and diced veggies), shredded Mexican 4 cheese blend, eggs, canned chicken breast packed in water (because I’m lazy), Bhut Sauce.  Not pictured: Ranch dressing.

bhutsauce3I simmered the pre-cooked chicken breast in EVOO to bring it up to temperature, then added a heaping portion of Cowboy Caviar.  After about two minutes, I added about two tablespoons Bhut Sauce to the mix.  While that was coming to temperature and being mixed about, I mixed three eggs and a bit of skim milk for the base and slowly brought that to temperature, until it was supple yet fluffy.

I added the filler and topped with cheese, then folded it over.  If anyone knows me, they know I love ranch.  And hot sauce.  But for now, ranch.  So after I added additional cheese to the top of this glorious omelette, I added a fair serving of ranch.  As much as I would hate to dissipate the heat offered by the Bhut Sauce contained within, I threw a bit more on top of the ranch, as you can see from this photo.bhutsauce4

Mixing the two together, I turned the ranch orange after a bit more sauce was added.  Then a few drops were added to a mason jar and filled with Jim Beam.  Pictured below, Breakfast of Champions:




My thoughts:  I like this sauce.  It can definitely kick up the heat.  Even through the cheese and ranch dressing, I could feel my throat starting to burn, and a sweat breaking out.  That said, there was no real added flavor to the omelette from the sauce.  I tried a bit on the back of my hand, as usual, and while it was certainly hot, it was a kick-you-on-your-ass and leave your taste buds crying sort of hot.  As described, this sauce is excellent, even in my daily quantity of Jim Beam.  If you’re looking to add heat to anything you’re making without being limited by the flavor profile of a hot sauce, this sauce will absolutely fill that role perfectly.  It’s like a glove to a hand, this sauce to that role.  I am pleased.  Rating the sauce, I’m giving it a Madness, because the sauce is definitely hot.  Alone, the sauce receives about a Neutral rating.  That said, as the sauce is designed, it will take on the flavor rating of whatever you use it on.  So I’m going to go ahead and give it a Nice, our second highest rating, only because I can’t in good faith give a Notable to a sauce that achieves a perfect heat blend to your cooking when it doesn’t have the best stand-alone flavor.  So I’m giving it a Nice, as a notional Notable rating.  Make sense?  Didn’t think so.  Enjoy!




  • Noreen Mayer 2013 Jun 04 / 06:32

    it a nice tasing sauce, bt i was expecting hotter. non the less a great buy and if they make a fresh bhut product i will be first in line to purchase *** SDCF Reply. Hi Nick. Yes, we hope to have enough fresh Bhut to make a fresh version this year. Our expectation is that this will deliver heat much more quickly than the dried version.

  • Bhut Guy 2013 Jun 15 / 12:39

    Hello Noreen- Bhut Sauce is packed with “FRESH” Bhut Jolokia and it is all relative:
    Meaning, the more you eat the more you BHUT JOLOKIA and HEAT you will absorb. Go easy on it since
    one should be in good health to before eating a very high content Bhut Jolokia (which is Bhut sauce) product. I am not sure who replied to you earlier but it was not us. You can find the real thing in supermarkets throughout NYC or direct from us .All the best

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