Mango Sauce Dat's NiceHey there, loyal readers! Sorry I missed you guys and gals last week. I had my gall bladder forcibly removed from my body last Tuesday, and I spent the rest of the week recovering. One of the things people keep asking me is if I was told by the doctors to stay away from spicy foods. The answer to that, fortunately enough, is a resounding “Hell no!” I’m more than well enough to eat some spicy stuff, which is fortunate, because I still have a trio of products from Florida’s Dat’s Nice left to try. Tonight, in fact, I’m taking a look at their Mango Sauce, a concoction that melds the glory of Datil peppers with the tropical flavor of the mighty mango. I’m no stranger to mango-themed sauces, and I’ve loved my previous outings with Dat’s Nice, so I have no worries about this product.


Mango, Apple Cider, Vinegar, Pineapple Juice, Sugar, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Molasses, Datil Pepper Dust, Sodium Benzoate

I was pretty shocked by the huge list on the original Datil Sauce (even though that stuff tastes amazing), so this short list is a breath of fresh air. The most notable thing about this list is that the peppers are relegated to the next-to-last spot on the list, and we’re not even getting pure peppers here. Nope! Dat’s Nice uses Datil Dust for this product, rather than some kind of puree or mash. That’s going to have a huge effect on the heat rating, meaning this is probably going to be a sauce that stands more on its flavor than its heat.


The yellowish hue in this sauce stands as a stark contrast to the rust-red color of the other Dat’s Nice products I’ve reviewed. But that makes perfect sense, considering this one is more mango than anything else. It’s still thick, and the molasses in the blend lends it an impressive stickiness that promises to cling rather well to food.

Smell and Taste:

While there’s a slight vinegary smell, the main scent here is definitely the mangoes. I like it. It doesn’t really smell sweet or spicy, but it definitely smells fruity. The taste, surprisingly, still maintains a large Datil presence. While not at the level of peppery goodness as the other varieties, it still carries enough of the Datil taste to set this sauce apart from other mango-based products.



Even though the pepper flavor is noticeable, the heat isn’t all that high. I wouldn’t give my wife the Hotter-n-Hell or the original version, but she can handle this one just fine. It’s a Medium, because there’s still a bit of heat, but the focus is primarily on the flavor. That flavor, by the way, still meets the company’s reputation for quality. Though not the sweetest mango-based sauce I’ve tasted, it actually works better because of that, as the flavors of the mangoes and the peppers meld quite well. I hate to sound like a broken record, but I see no reason why this one doesn’t also deserve a Notable.

Suggested Uses:

Please, do yourself a favor and rub this all over your chicken. I bet it would also go well on a pork loin, definitely making this a white-meat sauce. It could also be a great way to spice up a salad, especially for those of you looking for a zero-calorie and zero-fat alternative to those terrible-for-you salad dressings.

Final Word:

That’s three down, and two to go. It’s products like these that make me really happy I’m still able to do this gig. Keep ’em coming, Dat’s Nice.


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  • Dat’s Nice 2013 May 04 / 06:46

    Thank you Brian! We’re glad that your procedure went well!! Also we really appreciate your time reviewing our products. The salad dressing idea is perfect, my wife grilled some pork chops using the BBQ sauce then we sliced up some strawberries and cantaloupe and used the mango sauce for dressing…AWESOME!

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