Apinya Thai Chili SauceOne of the things I have missed about doing reviews are the interesting sauces I may have never tried otherwise; this one definitely falls into that category as I tend to overlook these sauces. Maybe it’s me, but I just tend to think of Thai chili sauces as having a very limited use. If I’m wrong, please post your suggestion on other food besides wings and Asian food. Three things this sauce has going for it are that I love ginger and Thai peppers are my favorite pepper, which is great, as they are high on the ingredient list. The third has got to be the most unique artwork. It’s a cartoon octopus with its tongue hanging out. Then the arms are grabbing at a Thai pepper, red pepper, head of garlic, and a piece of ginger (which are the 4 main ingredients). I have never seen artwork like this.


Peppers, Ginger, Chilies, Vinegar, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Bisulffite as preservatives



I can’t eat seafood, but the two friends I had over last night said the first thing that came to mind was a Rainbow Roll, and sushi is definitely something this would go with. The color is bright red from the roasted red peppers and is pretty thick. This sauce takes a second for the ingredients to pop, but when they do they shine bright. As I said earlier, I love ginger and that’s the first ingredient that shows itself, followed by garlic and salt. The heat is Mild and the flavor is Notable. If, however, you are not a fan of ginger this sauce is not for you. This would be a great addition to any Asian dish.


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