Ocean-Prince-Sardines-with-Green-ChiliesThis week I’m continuing the experimentation in the spicy packed fish area, and trying out the Smoked Sardines with Green Chilies from Ocean Prince.  These were found at a pretty average grocery store, and was the only variety I came across that had green chiles instead of red, so I thought I’d see what they tasted like.



Not all the surprising of a list, but at least it’s just the simple ingredients and not a lot of preservatives.  Here’s what’s in it:  Sardines, Soy Bean Oil Green Chiles, and Salt.


This has that pretty ubiquitous canned fish aroma, regardless of the type of fish, and is packed in oil, which is fairly obvious when you open it.  Draining of the liquid in the tin will be needed, and you’ll see the bits of green chile drain out as well if you open up the container a fair amount, so if you want to keep in the chile flavor as much as possible, then just crack it and drain the oil without the chile parts.  You’ll see about three good sized sardines in this tin and there isn’t much chile pepper aroma at all, but you do pick up the smoke from it just a tiny bit.



Well, it’s canned smoked sardines, and it tastes like canned smoked sardines.  You get a little of the smoked flavor in it, and a salty taste, but not overpowering.  There isn’t any sort of chile burn from this at all, and honestly, I couldn’t even taste the chiles either.  I lucked out and had a small burp, at which point I could pick the flavor of the chiles out, but very subtly.  This is going to get a Mild, because frankly, I’m not even sure if it counts as a spicy food or not, but hey, it has chiles in it.  The overall flavor of the product is about the same as a standard smoked sardine, so if you like this sort of stuff, then you’ll probably think it’s a nominal item, or maybe better, but I’m scoring it Neutral, because, while it has a decent flavor, it really didn’t bring in any chile pepper flavor for me, and so on the scale of chile pepper foods, it’s just minimal marks.  The product is decent, but I’d like to really see more of a green chile flavor to this to see how it mixes with the flavor of canned fish, but looks like the mark was missed on this round.


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