All-Spice-Cafe-Sweet-Chile-PopcornIt’s the Eat More Heat aftermath to the 2013 Fiery Foods and BBQ Show.  James Wreck is out of commission for a few days due to something he ate over the weekend, so tune in to learn more about what took the big man down.  While he’s out, Producer David and Scrovak get to take over the show, which will either be greatness or an hour-long trainwreck. Either way, it should be fun to watch.

Since we’re all worn out from the weekend, we’ll take a slow and easy ride on products tonight and sample the milder offerings of the Sweet Chile Popcorn and JolokiBerry Jam from All Spice Cafe, and JD Cowles from ASC will join us to answer questions on these products as well as give us his impressions from a manufacturer’s perspective on how the 25th Anniversary Fiery Foods show went.

All-Spice-Cafe-Sweet-Chile-Popcorn All-Spice-Cafe-JolokiBerry-Strawberry-and-Ghost-Chile-Jam


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