Double 911 Wings at Wings PlusI’m going on three weeks now of no official products, but luckily I happened to spy a new hot wings place right next door to my wife’s dentist yesterday. I love wings, and running across a new wing place usually means a new proprietary spicy blend to tackle. In the case of Wings Plus in Corpus Christi, that means the oddly-named Double 911 Wings, which are a step above the normal 911 Wings, which themselves rank higher than the X-Hot. Needless to say, I was intrigued, and the realization I had after walking in that the restaurant was some odd combination of chicken, burgers, and Asian food only added to my interest.


Chicken, Sauce, Love, One adorable Asian woman

Hell, I don’t know. I ordered the boneless Dbl 911 wings, since that meant I wouldn’t have to get sauce all over my fingers, an exceptionally-important point now, since I was also trying to feed my son his chicken fingers (spoiler: he loved them). This has nothing to do with ingredients, but the lady at the counter, who may or may not have been the owner, is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met. That’s a plus.


The wings, as you can see, have a pretty standard orange sauce on them. There’s nothing particularly radioactive-looking about the sauce. Oh, and I ordered a ten-piece combo, and I actually received at least a baker’s dozen wings. Maybe that’s one of the benefits of having a ridiculously cute baby.

Smell and Taste:

They smelled like wings. Again, there’s a pretty standard hot wing smell to this sauce: a little vinegary, a little spicy, but not overly so on either account. The taste is nothing terribly new, either. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but Wings Plus won’t win any awards for breaking new ground in the hot wing industry. Basically, it’s a spicy buffalo sauce. Judging by the flavor, the chicken itself probably wasn’t all white meat, but to be honest, I ate each wing in one bite and never bothered to cut one of them open to look.



Despite my previous statements that there’s really nothing innovative about these wings, the truth of the matter is that they’re good. The heat on these is a disappointment, though. I’m rating them at a Medium, as this was supposed to be the restaurant’s hottest flavor, and even they were not hot enough to make my non-chilehead wife cry. Still, they’re tasty enough, so I’m giving them a Nice.

Suggested Pairing:

You can get the standard fries with your combo, or you could splurge just a little bit more and get sweet potato fries to go with your food. I wish I had done that, because I love me some sweet potato fries. Even that option, though, is fairly conventional these days (even Burger King is shilling sweet potatoes now), but Wings Plus is the only place I have ever seen where you can order fried rice with your hot wings. Huh. I may have to try that.

Final Word:

The restaurant may not deserve its claim of “Best Wings in Texas,” but it has enough of a variety to keep pretty much everyone happy. I particularly enjoyed the Bulgogi Burger my wife ordered. I guess she was getting full, because I wound up helping her polish it off. How the heck could I say no to a hamburger covered in a sweet teriyaki barbecue sauce? That burger was so tasty that I didn’t even notice until it was practically all gone that it had no cheese.



  • Justin 2013 May 07 / 19:59

    Apparently you didnt try the Ghost Sauce on the wings. Holy cow! Im not sure there is a sauce that can rival that. It is probably the hottest sauce Ive ever had with a surprisingly good taste.

  • Justin 2013 May 07 / 20:01

    Oh, the boneless wings are 100% white meet. Saw them being made from strach.

  • Brian Sellers 2013 May 08 / 21:01

    I had no idea there even was a ghost sauce. There was certainly nothing when I visited the restaurant to give me any indication that such a sauce existed. However, I’ll certainly try to go back there and give it a shot at some point.

  • Justin 2013 May 20 / 08:18

    I beleive you need to ask for it. When I asked the owners if there was anything hotter than the Double 911, the asian lady at the front said they have a ghost sauce. They don’t advertise it I guess because they don’t think most can handling it.

  • Jon 2013 Jun 23 / 01:32

    I think you should try Atomic Wings if you haven’t already. My local pizza place has them, but my friend tells me they’re over the country. They have Mild, Medium, Hot, Abusive, Nuclear, and Suicidal wings. I asked for Suicidal wings and I basically had to confirm 3-4 times that I wanted them, as they didn’t believe I could handle them. They’re not the hottest thing I’ve ever had, but they’re good.

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