Growing Medical Marijuana by Dave DeWitt LIVE

Growing Medical Marijuana by Dave DeWittTuesday night on the live show we’re going slightly off topic. Ok, more like insanely off topic! However there is a method to our madness, so allow me to explain. Dave DeWitt is the producer of the National Fiery Foods and BBQ Show. Dave is also an accomplished author with over 40 published books. We’re broadcasting live from the Fiery Foods Show on March 2-3, and we had already planned on talking to Dave about the 25th anniversary of his event. COINCIDENTALLY *wink wink* Dave’s new book about “Growing Medical Marijuana” just happens to be coming out tomorrow, so we’re killing two buds er, um, I mean two birds with one stoned, oops, stone. Got it? Good! ARCHIVED VIDEO IS BELOW!

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  1. fiberjoe says:

    Where are you going to located at the FFS love to come by and met you guys

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