Gindo's Spice of LifeTonight I’m reviewing Spice of Life, a sauce from a brand called Gindo’s. The design of the bottle and label really sticks out to me. I can imagine myself wandering through the “spicy” section of the grocery store and this catching my attention out of the corner of my eye. It’s the subtle ones sometimes that stick out the most. This is a very well-designed label – small and, again, very subtle black, white lettering and sliver, with a touch of red in the circle with the pepper. I also really dig shape of the bottle. The bottle almost reminds me of the expensive bottles of olive oil and 8oz! Hopefully the sauce will be as good as the label.


Sweet Red Pepper, Distilled Vineger, Water, Habanero, Alaea Salt Flakes, Pink Himalaya Sea Salt Flakes, Black Lava Salt Flakes, Organic Cane Sugar, Ground Peppercorns and Xanthan gum



I’m having to use Wikipedia for an explanation of what Alaea Salt is; according to them it “is an unrefined sea salt that has been mixed with a red alaea volcanic clay. Most alaea sea salts sold in the United States are not made in Hawaii, but are actually produced in California.” Okay, so it’s a red not-so-Hawaiian sea salt. I have it and use a lot in salads. It is a really good salt, now that I know what the hell it is! I can get on with it already. When I first opened the bottle, the strong scent of vinegar and the sweet red peppers hit me hard. One of the best ways for me to describe the taste is an everyday type of sauce, goes with just about anything. We have all had this kind of sauce at one time or another but this just lacks something. I am very thankful for the vinegar not killing me; it has balance. You get a thin consistency and the taste of vinegar, sweet peppers, salt, and the heat when eating it by itself. When I tried it on pizza nothing shined through. It’s kind of like the label: subtle. The sauce is edible, but unfortunately, the taste is mediocre. Heat-wise I give it a Mild, with flavor as Neutral.



  • Chris Ginder 2013 Feb 06 / 12:27

    Thank you for taking the time to review my sauce!

    Though it may be true that most Alaea salts are produced here in California, the one we use is actually is made in Kauai. We tried to visit the plantation on our honeymoon, but were unfortunately not permitted to do so.

    Although I am a little disappointed that you found the flavor of my sauce to be mediocre, I recommend trying it on a sandwich, your favorite soup, or with seafood before writing it off completely. The fresh red bell pepper really “shines through” with those particular dishes. I find a Calabria pepper sauce is better for pizza. Check out Chef Anthony’s Calabria pepper sauce from 800 Degrees. It’s habit forming.

    My original fresh and spicy blend was designed to enhance the flavor of just about any dish as apposed to masking it. Perhaps you might enjoy my extra spicy version with slightly more acidity and almost double the heat. I also have a jalapeno-pablano blend available as well as my honey-habanero, which will available this summer.

    Email me if you would like to try some samples.


  • Anthony 2013 Feb 07 / 07:42

    I will have to try it on soup because I can’t eat any seafood. Would love try some samples I will email you this weekend.

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