Here with the second, and final, installment in Red’s Scroturdebut (You like that word, don’t lie) is Red’s Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.  This spicy sauce writeup comes on the heels of a stellar review of Red’s Demoness Hot Sauce.  Here are my hopes for this sauce.  I hope the ghost pepper added is done tastefully so, in a way to blend heat and flavor.  I hope it continues with the flavor gusto of the Demoness sauce.  And last, but not least, EMH readers, I hope you’re ready for a review.


Cider Vinegar, Tomato Sauce, Water, Bhut Jolokia Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Brown Sugar, Molasses, Sweet peppers, Worcestershire Powder, Spices.


The label features the same astute beard as the bottle of Demoness sauce, but in this one, Mr. Redbeard has a flaming hat rather than horns.  Additionally, contrary to the smirk from the previous bottle, Redbeard is frozen, mouth agape.  I think this is a refreshing and unique spin on the typical temperature gauges on the sides of bottles.  Now to the sauce, there is a brick-red hue to the sauce, which seems to be well populated with minute traces of the primary ingredients: bits of tomato pulp, ground peppers, worcestershire powder, and “spices.”  Opening the bottle, I had to remove the restrictor cap to get enough of a whiff to identify brown sugar and ghost pepper in the air.



I have to start by saying this: this sauce smells deceptively sweet for an ass-kicker.  I want to say it starts with a slow burn, but it doesn’t.  it starts with a medium burn that very quickly escalates to head-sweat status.  I can’t say I tasted much more than the peppers, the piquancy, and a hint of smokeyness from the brown sugar and worcestershire powder that give barbecue sauce it’s distinct flavor.  It’s an all around fairly tasty sauce, but I wasn’t completely impressed or awe-struck.  For a flavor rating, I’m giving it a Nice rating.  For a fire rating, this sauce hit me hard and fast, so I’m going to give it a Madness rating.  It’s all-around more bite than bark.


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