Well it’s Scroturday again folks!  Happy Scroturday to you all.  Today I’m reviewing products from presumably the only character with a sexier beard than I.  The big red beard on the bottle of Red’s Demoness Hot Sauce is fantastic, especially coupled with the devil horns.  Aside that, it’s a fairly simple label that touts its genesis in Texas, and the product name.  Demoness will be part one of today’s twofer Scroturday.  My only complaint so far is with the Eat More Heat logistics, and it’s only that I wasn’t sent a bottle of Garlic Pepper Hot Sauce because, well, I love me some garlic.  Moving on!


Honey, vinegar, peaches in syrup, molasses, Habanero peppers, salt, spices and sodium benzoate


Despite honey as a first ingredient, this seems to be a rather thin sauce.  I checked and yes, it is the sort of fluidity that would require a restrictor cap.  Despite the fluidity, I can see Habanero seeds in the sauce itself.  Additionally, the sauce has an all-around glow to it.  I refer to it as a glow because I can’t quite find a better descriptor.  When you look at fresh honey, sure it’s a rusty brown-orange.  But it also has this glow unique to honey.  Whelp, Red managed to capture that glow, and I can see it in the sauce.  Having uncapped the sauce, I can assure you, it’s a rather sweet honey-licious scent I can already tell I’m going to like, with just a hint of fire in the air.



Let me assure you, this sauce is every bit as enjoyable as it initially appeared to be.  I can taste the presence of the honey, completely absent the bitterness of the vinegar.  The habanero dances the sweetest waltz with the honey, then the peaches ask to steal this dance.  But no!  It’s a three-some, a delicious trifecta of cooperation in my mouth.  The heat rating I bestow on this vixen of a sauce is a Medium, because the burn is gentle at first, then builds.  After it’s peaked, it hangs out for a while, so this earned that rating.  It also earned every bit of a Notable flavor rating, and a high recommendation from yours truly.


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