Cottage-Lane-Kitchen-Get-Me-A-SwitchWhen I first took a look at this bottle, two things popped in my mind. One: loved the name! Second, this made me think of the stories my mom used to tell us about my Grandmother, the one where my mom and her sister used to go out in the yard and pick their own switch. Ahhhh the memories, since Cottage Lane Kitchens is a North Carolina based company, I should tell you that unfortunately most of the products that originate from this state are very heavy vinegar-based products. So, typically I am not of fan of a lot NC-based products. I truly love one NC-based company though. Have I found another NC product that I will truly love? Let’s find out.


Jalapeno peppers, Sweet Red Peppers, Onions, Serrano Peppers, Sugar, Water, Apple Cider vinegar, Celery Salt and Garlic



What I really like about this relish is you can really taste every ingredient! The first ingredient I tasted was the apple cider, and immediately there is a nice slow build in heat with a little bite of the sweet red peppers. Nothing overpowers anything else, but there are small pops of everything. Heat is Mild and this product should appeal to most fans of this site. Flavor is Nice! The Vinegar may be a tad strong from my taste, but overall this is an excellent product. I definitely see myself buying this product!


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